Dwarf Hire Stag Do in Budapest

Dwarf Hire
  • £261.00

Activity Details

  • Male dwarf
  • Handcuffed to the stag
  • Funny stag do prank
  • Can be added to pub crawls

With the dwarf hire stag do in Budapest you and the lads can give the stag a mini man to keep him company for the night! He will of course handcuff himself to the stag as well because the last thing anyone would want is for them to get parted! It’s a hilarious way to stitch the stag up as his new companion will be with him wherever he goes for one whole hour, whether that’s the kebab house, the bar or the loo!

What’s Included

  • Male dwarf handcuffed to the stag
  • 1 hour hire
  • Meeting point in the city centre
  • Then go on a mini bar crawl for the duration
  • Available to add to most of our bar crawls
  • Dwarf will play pranks
  • Outfits are request-only


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