15 Large North West Christmas Party Venues

15 Large Christmas Party Venues in the North West

Christmas parties in the North West aren’t complete without an ideal venue to host it in. So, to make things that little bit easier for you we’ve created a list of large Christmas party venues in the North West.

Are you looking to throw the largest Christmas party of a lifetime? Look no further! We’ve compiled a list of some of the most exceptional venues in the North West that can cater for large celebrations.

With our selection, you don't have to lift one finger; all that's left is deciding which sophisticated space will bring an air of grandeur and elevate your celebration. So start searching today - once it looks like time ran out on finding accommodation, we've come just in time with this collection meant solely for providing memorable moments without any worries attached.

15 Large Christmas Party Venues in the North West - Revolucion De Cuba (Liverpool)

1. Revolución De Cuba Liverpool

If you want your Christmas party to be one of a kind and a little exotic, then you certainly won’t find much better than Revolución De Cuba in Liverpool. If you hire the entire venue you will be able to have up to 300 guests in the Havana bar, Casa bar and Mezzanine with 2 of your own private bars and stunning views of the Albert Dock. There are plenty other room options for smaller parties so don’t worry if you don’t quite have 300 people arriving on the day.

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15 Large Christmas Party Venues in the North West - Flight Club (Manchester)

2. Flight Club Manchester

Perfect for groups between 30 and 370, Fight Club in Manchester is a well-known and well-loved venue that has been home to a multitude of amazing parties previously. The interior is filled with fair ground inspired décor and tonnes of lights, giving your party a picturesque backdrop perfect for filling with Christmas decorations to add to the festivities. The bar is all yours with the hire, along with the comfy seating areas and couches. Check out 10 large Christmas party venues Cheshire.

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15 Large Christmas Party Venues in the North West - Bolesworth

3. Bolesworth

Bolesworth is a brilliantly large Christmas party venue that would be perfect for hosting your company’s next end-of-year celebration! Home to the Bolesworth International horse-jumping event, this stunning country estate can be found just outside the quaint village of Tattenhall in West Cheshire. With an indoor hospitality space that has a capacity of up to 400 people, this stunning estate is a fantastic place to consider booking for your work’s Christmas party.

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15 Large Christmas Party Venues in the North West - ACC Liverpool (Liverpool)

4. ACC Liverpool

If you have found yourself planning a Christmas party for your work and need a large venue hire in the North West to cater to all those attending, AAC Liverpool would be great for you. Their exhibition floor is an extremely large multipurpose space over 3,725 square metres of space which can be divided and decorated as you wish for your festive celebrations. Without a doubt, this is one of the largest Christmas party venues in the North West.

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15 Large Christmas Party Venues in the North West - Manchester Art Gallery (Manchester)

5. Manchester Art Gallery

With three light and airy rooms available to hire perfect for a Christmas party, Manchester Art Gallery would be a unique and memorable addition to any event as such. This venue hire in the North West can hold up to 600 standing guests or 120 guests for seated dinners, so no matter your party size Manchester Art Gallery will be able to be your host. The gallery’s dedicated events co-ordinators will be on hand from start to finish to ensure your party is exactly as you wish and waves the year off in style.

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15 Large Christmas Party Venues in the North West - Dorfold Hall

6. Dorfold Hall (Nantwich)

A vast country estate situated just outside the town of Nantwich in mid-Cheshire, Dorfold Hall makes for an amazing place to host your next corporate xmas party. What’s special about this venue is that it has a range of unique, modern and stunning venues on-site for you to consider - These include The Tack and The Coach House, both of which can host up to 120 people, and The L’Écurie, which has a capacity of up to 240 people. Being almost equidistant from Birmingham, Liverpool and Manchester, this place makes for an awesome Christmas party venue to consider booking.

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15 Large Christmas Party Venues in the North West - The Isla Gladstone Conservatory (Liverpool)

7. The Isla Gladstone Conservatory

Add some history into your festive celebrations by hosting your party in The Isla Gladstone Conservatory in Liverpool, a 110 year old building flooded with natural light. The conservatory can hold up to 500 guests standing or 336 banquet style, making it ideal for Christmas parties that may include catering. The hire even comes with free on site car parking, making it easy for your co-workers when it comes to travelling. You’ll get to decorate the venue as you wish, making the room personalised to your company and the festive theme. 

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15 Large Christmas Party Venues in the North West - Manchester Central

8. Manchester Central (GMEX)

Situated in the heart of the city, the Manchester Central complex (formerly known as the GMEX Centre) is a wonderfully large Christmas party venue that is well worth considering as the backdrop to your end-of-year celebrations. With a range of different spaces available for hire, this venue can host well above and beyond 500 people, as the main railway hall can actually be hired in its entirety if needed. For that reason and for the fact that this venue can be found right in the heart of the city makes it a great place to consider hosting your work’s Christmas party.

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15 Large Christmas Party Venues in the North West - Haydock Park

9. Haydock Park

Almost halfway between Liverpool and Manchester, you will find the iconic Haydock Park Racecourse, an unbelievable Christmas party venue that is well worth taking into consideration for your next end-of-year party. While Haydock is best known for its annual racing events, this venue also has some fantastic event space available to hire such as its Park Suite, which can cater for up to 500 guests. Being right in between two of the North West’s biggest cities and just over an hour’s drive from Birmingham, Haydock Park is well worth considering as the backdrop to your next end-of-year party.

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15 Large Christmas Party Venues in the North West - Palm House at Sefton Park (Liverpool)

10. Palm House at Sefton Park

For an exclusive event during the festive season filled with greenery under a giant glass dome, head over to Palm House at Sefton Park. This beautiful venue will truly blow your guests away and create wonderful memories for all those that attend. Their professional event co-ordinators will help you tailor make your experience to be just how you want it for your Christmas celebrations, ensuring that everything runs smoothly as you wave the year goodbye with your colleagues.

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15 Large Christmas Party Venues in the North West - Albert Hall (Manchester)

11. Albert Hall, Manchester

Make a real impact on your away day with the one and only Albert Hall in Manchester. What better way to end the year than one of the most prestigious venues in this big and bold city? Originally built as Wesleyan Chapel, the building has been restored with large celebrations in mind, noted for hosting some of the most iconic live events in the city. Whether you’re organising an informal Christmas party to end the year or a festive award ceremony to thank your staff, this venue is a no-brainer. The hall can fit over 2,000 standing guests, with room for 300 seated guests if that’s what you’re after instead.

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15 Large Christmas Party Venues in the North West - Royal Liver Building

12. Royal Liver Building

Arguably one of the most iconic buildings in Liverpool and the North West for that matter, the Royal Liver Building is an unbelievable venue to consider when it comes to hosting your work’s end of year Christmas party. Situated on the Royal Albert Dock in the heart of the city, this venue can provide enough space for up to 200 people, and being situated so close to the city centre makes it a fantastic venue to look at for hosting your work’s Christmas party!

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15 Large Christmas Party Venues in the North West - Bierkeller (Liverpool)

13. Bierkeller

If you’ve never laid eyes upon the Bierkeller Show in Liverpool, then you’ve definitely been missing out! This unique bar shines light on Bavarian style partying, with wooden bench seating, massive stein beers and an Oompah band regularly playing. If you choose to hire this venue for your event, you get a unique theme all in one. Situated right outside of Liverpool ONE, it’s easy to see the appeal of Bierkeller being so close to the best shopping district in the city. With ample seating, a stage for presentations and the ability to dress everything up with Christmas decorations, you can mould this venue to suit your plans easily.

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15 Large Christmas Party Venues in the North West - The Lowry

14. The Lowry

The iconic modern theatre situated on the Salford Quays in the city centre, The Lowry is a wonderful place to consider hosting your work’s xmas party. Nestled amongst the ITV and BBC Studios and well-connected by tram to the rest of the city, this venue can provide over 5000 square metres of event space spread out across thirteen unique and equally wonderful event spaces. With the option to include event staff too, The Lowry is a brilliant place to consider when it comes to hosting your end of year Christmas party.

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15 Large Christmas Party Venues in the North West - Chester Racecourse (Chester)

15. Chester Racecourse

If the wow-factor is what you’re looking for when planning the Christmas party in Chester, it doesn’t get more jaw-dropping than Chester Racecourse. By far the biggest venue in the quaint city, Chester Racecourse has a unique selling point and diverse range of suites, rooms and outdoor spaces to use for your festivities. A whopping 35 separate facilities can be found on site with ample parking, with impressive views and the ability to dress the venue up to get everyone in the Christmas spirit.

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Tips on How to Choose the Perfect Large Christmas Party Venue

Selecting the perfect large Christmas party venue can be a daunting task, but worry not, as we're here to guide you in making an excellent choice. First and foremost, consider the location — opt for a venue that is easily accessible and has ample parking for every attendee.

While deciding on a venue, double-check its capacity to comfortably accommodate your guest list, ensuring enough space for movement and socialising. Furthermore, it's a great idea to explore the facility's amenities to ensure they meet your event's requirements, such as audio-visual equipment, catering options, and a captivating Christmas ambience.

Never hesitate to negotiate with the venue management for the best possible deal, and don't forget to inquire about their cancellation policies—after all, it's better to be safe than sorry. Making the right choice for a large Christmas party venue can ultimately determine the atmosphere and success of your event, leaving your guests reminiscing about the delightful experience for years to come.

15 Large Christmas Party Venues in the North West - Liverpool

Why Choose Liverpool?

Treat your hardworking employees to a fabulous Christmas party in Liverpool, a city that truly comes alive during the festive season. With its rich history, diverse range of venues and unparalleled hospitality, Liverpool offers an exceptional backdrop for a memorable end-of-year celebration that your team undoubtedly deserves. Experience the charm of the historic Docklands, become captivated by the vibrant nightlife, and savour the delicious food in numerous outstanding restaurants that cater to every budget and taste.

Additionally, Liverpool is known for its fantastic public transport and hotel offerings, ensuring a seamless experience for you and your staff. So, why not reward your team with a Christmas party in a city that embraces the festive season like no other? Choose Liverpool and create lasting memories for your dedicated employees, making them feel valued and appreciated for all their hard work throughout the year.

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15 Large Christmas Party Venues in the North West - Manchester

Why Choose Manchester?

Manchester is rapidly emerging as a top destination for hosting unforgettable Christmas parties, giving the traditional favourite, London, a run for its money. This bustling city boasts a myriad of unique venues, exceptional dining experiences and an unparalleled nightlife scene, making it a vibrant and dynamic choice for rewarding your hardworking employees.

Businesses who opt for Manchester are not only treating their staff to a memorable festive celebration but are also supporting the growth of this remarkable city. In an era where companies are increasingly conscious of the need for revitalisation and development outside of the capital, organising a Christmas party in Manchester sends a strong message about your organisation's commitment to innovation and progress. So there's no good reason why you shouldn't choose Manchester this holiday season - let the city's boundless energy and charm spark joy and camaraderie amongst your employees that will certainly leave a lasting impact well into the new year.

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15 Large Christmas Party Venues in the North West - Chester

Why Choose Chester?

Choosing Chester as the location for your next staff Christmas party is a decision you won't regret! This elegant and sophisticated city is the perfect place to treat and reward your hard-working team, with its excellent location for businesses in North Wales and across Cheshire. While Chester may be smaller than its bustling neighbours Liverpool and Manchester, it more than makes up for it with an incredible array of unique independent venues, bars, and restaurants to suit all tastes and budgets.

Imagine feasting on award-winning cuisine, sipping artisan cocktails and celebrating in the most enchanting historical setting - all while making unforgettable memories with your colleagues? Don't miss the opportunity to experience the magic of Chester during the festive season and give your employees a night to remember!

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