Successopoly Team Building in Northampton

Successopoly Team Building

Activity Details

  • Giant Monopoly board
  • Indoors or outdoors
  • Includes all equipment and props
  • Costumed compare to host

Reach for success with Successopoly team building in Northampton. We’ve taken the classic game you know and love and blown it up a few sizes to make you fully immersed and involved in the game. Instead of making decisions alone, you’ll be split into small groups so managing your finances can be a lot more well-decided. Discuss and plan strategy to win the most money across the board allowing you to purchase and invest in properties and rule supreme. The winners will be awarded medals and a trophy so there’s a lot to play for!

What’s Included

  • Relive the fun of your childhood but in a giant, competitive version!
  • Event manager will introduce the event and split you into teams
  • Start with 5 tasks, the order in which you complete these tasks will result in the amount of money you start with and who starts first
  • Make your way around the board, purchasing properties and earning as much money as possible!
  • The team with the most money at the end will be the winners
  • Includes giant dice, giant chance and community chest cards and some extra props
  • Hosting compare to run the event
  • Winning team will receive a trophy and medals
  • Fully managed event


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