100 Mr & Mrs Paddle Questions

Mr & Mrs Paddle Questions Game

Add some excitement into the hen party with the Mr and Mrs Paddle Questions, the perfect extra that everyone will love.

If you are wanting to bring the Mr & Mrs TV show into your hen party or just see how well the soon to be weds really know each other then this paddle round would be perfect to add into the celebrations. A different take on the standard Mr & Mrs questions, but just as popular, this Mr and Mrs paddle game is a bit more quick fire and will provide you and the girls with an unforgettable experience that everyone will love.

How to Play the Mr & Mrs Paddle Questions Game:

1. Choose the best questions from the list below (at least 20)

2. Send the questions over to the future husband-to-be for him to answer

3. Take 4 paddles or pieces of coloured card with you on the hen weekend

4. Ask the bride-to-be the questions and as she raises her paddle one of the hen’s raise what the husband-to-be’s answers were

Mr and Mrs Paddle Questions for the Hen Weekend:

1. Who is the messiest?

2. Who is the boss?

3. Who is the grumpiest?

4. Who has the worst memory?

5. Who is the party animal?

6. Who has had the most partners?

7. Who smells the best?

8. Who is the best looking?

9. Who is the most romantic?

10. Who has the best sense of humour?

11. Who is the most organised?

12. Who spends the most time on social media?

13. Who takes the longest to get ready?

14. Who is the fussiest eater?

15. Who has the best job?

16. Who is the best cook?

17. Who is the smartest?

18. Who's more bothered about their looks?

19. Who is the better driver?

20. Who is the best dancer?

21. Who is the laziest?

22. Who can eat the most?

23. Who would be most likely to trip over?

24. Who wastes the most money?

25. Who has the weirdest orgasm face?

26. Who has the worst habits?

27. Who is the most talkative?

28. Who is the most argu­men­tative?

29. Who made the first move?

30. Who could talk their way out of a speeding ticket?

31. Who is in control of music in the car?

32. Who is more likely to eat out or order in?

33. Who hogs the covers more in bed?

34. Who is the earlier riser?

35. Who stays up the latest?

36. Who is the better singer?

37. Who is more likely to start a fight?

38. Who is more likely to save their money?

39. Who is the more dramatic one?

40. Who is more likely to keep a secret?

41. Who would last longer on a deserted island?

42. Who is better at giving presents?

43. Who has more clothes?

44. Who has more shoes?

45. Who is more likely to be late?

46. Who swears more?

47. Who is more likely to have a hangover after the big day?

48. Who is the least affectionate?

49. Who gives the best hugs?

50. Who is the most immature?

51. Who has the nicest hair?

52. Who gets their way the most?

53. Who is the best with children?

54. Who makes the best cups of tea?

55. Who has the worst temper?

56. Who gets scared the most?

57. Who would be more likely to have plastic surgery?

58. Who would cry at a movie?

59. Who gets the last word?

60. Who is the one to remove the spider from the room?

Printable Mr & Mrs Paddle Questions

61. Who has had the most jobs?

62. Who said ‘I love you’ first?

63. Who is the funniest?

64. Who is the most competitive?

65. Who kills the spiders?

66. Who is more adventurous?

67. Who is the clumsiest?

68. Who is the most honest?

69. Who is the biggest sulker?

70. Who would have the hardiest legs after a month?

71. Who is the most forgetful?

72. Who has the best taste in music?

73. Who is most likely to steal from a hotel room?

74. Who is the impulsive shopper?

75. Who is most likely to embarrass themselves at the wedding?

76. Who popped the question?

77. Who is more likely to get lost?

78. Who has the funniest family?

79. Who has better general knowledge?

80. Who is the biggest baby when they have a cold?

81. Who is always right?

82. Who has done more of the wedding planning?

83. Who has the worst morning breath?

84. Who watches the most television?

85. Who chooses where to go on holiday?

86. Who is more likely to keep the other one waiting when they go out?

87. Who is more concerned about being healthy?

88. Who does the washing up?

89. Who says ‘I love you’ the most?

90. Who is the first to say sorry?

91. Who is the biggest flirt?

92. Who has the most annoying friends?

93. Who would win in a game of Monopoly?

94. Who farts more?

95. Who has the bigger bum?

96. Who makes more money?

97. Who is the cheapest?

98. Who looks in the mirror more?

99. Who exercises more?

100. Who has the cleaner car?

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