The Best Restaurants Frankfurt has to Offer

Best Restaurants in Frankfurt

A bustling city in Western Germany, there’s no wonder why so many lads go for a Frankfurt stag do every year!

Known for its modern vibe and boasting an exciting nightlife, Frankfurt is also a hotbed of fantastic restaurants offering some of the best food in the country, if not the continent! If you’re heading here for the last weekend of freedom, be sure to check out the best restaurants in Frankfurt below!

Restaurant Klosterhof - Best Restaurants in Frankfurt

1. Restaurant Klosterhof

If you’re looking for some of the best German food in the city then Restaurant Klosterhof will definitely tick all the boxes! Situated in the heart of the city and just a few minutes’ walk away from the Main River, this Frankfurt restaurant is famous for serving up schnitzel, beef roulade and many other traditional dishes, as well as offering a fantastic beer garden for the warm weather. With a cool and relaxed vibe inside, this place should definitely be on your list of venues to visit.

📌 Weiß­frauenstraß­e 3 | Website »

Salzkammer - Best Restaurants in Frankfurt

2. Salzkammer Frankfurt

Just opposite the historic Goethe Haus you’ll find Salzkammer Frankfurt. This place is known for serving up Austrian food such as Viennese schnitzel as well as delicious pancakes. Inside, this Frankfurt restaurant features stunning wood-panelled walls and plenty of comfy places to sit and enjoy the atmosphere. Staying open ‘til late throughout the week, this place also has a large beer terrace to the front of the venue where you can relax and enjoy a few drinks in the sunshine.

📌 Weißadlergasse 15 | Website »

Paulaner am Dom - Best Restaurants in Frankfurt

3. Paulaner am Dom Frankfurt

From the legendary Bavarian brewery to the streets of Frankfurt, Paulaner Am Dom is a wonderful traditional-style tavern in the heart of the city, right next to Frankfurt Cathedral. Famous for its weißbier, this Frankfurt restaurant also serves up some fantastic food in the classic Bavarian style, specialising heavily in meat & potato dishes. Inside you’ll find the venue’s décor to be an eclectic mix of both traditional and modern styles, giving this place an awesome atmosphere that you can’t afford to miss out on!

📌 Domplatz 6 | Website »

Gaststätte Zum Storch - Best Restaurants in Frankfurt

4. Gaststätte Zum Storch

Known for its leafy beer terrace, Gaststätte Zum Storch is another fantastic place to explore some delicious traditional German cuisine which this Frankfurt restaurant is famous for, serving up everything from boiled beef dishes to apple strudel. The venue itself is styled in the traditional German style with wood-panelled walls, loads of photographs along the walls and candles for the tables, giving this Frankfurt restaurant a great atmosphere worth checking out.

📌 Saalgasse 5 | Website »

Römer Pils Brunnen - Best Restaurants in Frankfurt

5. Römer Pils Brunnen

A long-standing Frankfurt restaurant, Römer Pils Brunnen has been serving up great traditional German food since 1954. Serving everything from steaks to schnitzel and salads, the venue itself boasts a cool atmosphere and traditional décor inside, giving this Frankfurt restaurant a proper traditional atmosphere. Behind the bar, this place serves a range of classic German beers as well as favourites from home like Guinness.

📌 Töngesgasse 19 | Website »

Walden Frankfurt - Best Restaurants in Frankfurt

6. Walden Frankfurt

A bright and modern Frankfurt restaurant, Walden is a wonderful place to enjoy a delicious bite to eat whilst enjoying the sunshine, as this venue boasts a large and stunning patio terrace facing the street. Inside this place you’ll find a host of modern and exciting dishes on the menu from curried chilli chicken to club sandwiches, so if you’re looking for a bit of lunch before exploring the city centre then this would be a great place to stop off!

📌 Kl. Hirschgraben 7 | Website »

Schwarzer Stern - Best Restaurants in Frankfurt

7. Schwarzer Stern Frankfurt

With stunning views of the Medieval city centre, Schwarzer Stern is a fantastic restaurant in Frankfurt that specialises in serving up delicious schnitzel dishes as well as beers from the Hesse region of Germany. With a cool and modern atmosphere inside, this place is the perfect spot to enjoy some classic German cuisine with a few beers whilst watching the world go by.

📌 Römerberg 6 | Website »

Zum Standesämtchen - Best Restaurants in Frankfurt

8. Zum Standesämtchen

Just a few doors down from the last entry on this list is the fantastic Zum Standesämtchen, a traditional and cosy Frankfurt restaurant that boasts a unique charm. With a huge terrace area to the front of the venue, there’s plenty of room to get sat down with a delicious meal and a beer or two whilst enjoying the sunshine. Specialising in dishes like pork knuckle and schnitzel, there’s no bad time to stop here for a bite to eat.

📌 Römerberg 16 | Website »

Ebbelwoi Unser - Best Restaurants in Frankfurt

9. Ebbelwoi Unser

Known for its traditional apple wine, Ebbelwoi Unser is an amazing Frankfurt restaurant that serves a whole host of classic and traditional dishes from all over Germany as well as from around Frankfurt. Not only do they serve classic pork and beef dishes this country is known for, but they also have plenty of vegetarian options on the menu as well. With tonnes of space to get sat down in the main dining area, this busy and bustling Frankfurt restaurant is one you definitely don’t want to miss out on!

📌 Abtsgäßchen 8 | Website »

Henninger am Turm - Best Restaurants in Frankfurt

10. Henninger am Turm

Situated at the base of the Neuer Henninger Tower is Henninger am Turm, a brilliant Frankfurt restaurant that also doubles up as a classic German brewery-pub. One of the oldest and most well-known breweries in the city, this fantastic Frankfurt restaurant has a cool and modern vibe inside, making it well worth the visit if you’re looking for great food and local beers!

📌 Hainer Weg 58 | Website »

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