15 Budapest Bars

Best Bars in Budapest

Everybody knows that Budapest is a city that has to be visited during your lifetime. Purely for the nightlife.

The nightlife in Budapest is phenomenal and probably one of the cheapest and best place you will have been to. And of course because this city attracts so many tourists, it also attracts some of the top DJ’s from around the world. The best time to head over to this amazing city would be during the summer because then you can experience all of the rooftop bars and spa parties, they take over the whole city.

Best Bars in Budapest - For Sale Pub

1. For Sale Pub 

Don’t be fooled by this bars interior, the walls may be plastered with a bit of everything but here is where you will find some amazing live music and drinks. 

The venue even allows you to stick notes, drawings, pictures, business cards, literally anything that you want on the walls so that you can have an input into the shaggy interior, cool right?

2 Vámház krt. | Website ​

Best Bars in Budapest - Szimpla Kert

2. Szimpla Kert

Szimpla Kert is one of the best of the Szimpla ruin pub-chain, it was also number 3 in Lonely Planet’s ‘100 great bars of the world in 2012’.

It is a bar like you have never seen one before, totally unique with incredibly quirky interior, there is an old phone receiver that is being used as a bathroom door handle for instance. But you will find it is always busy with a great atmosphere. 

Kazinczy u 14 | Website

Best Bars in Budapest - A38

3. A38

Known as one of the best places to grab a drink and listen to some inter­national DJ’s, A38 sits on the gorgeous Danube river.

It used to be a Ukrainian stone-carrier but is now one of the hot spots in Budapest offering three floors with a roof terrace, a lounge, restaurant and a club! Check out some of the impressive best bars in Prague.

Petőfi híd | Website ​

Best Bars in Budapest - Élesztő

4. Éleszto

Élesztő is an amazing ruin pub to head to if you and the lads are starting the night off. And if you love beer you are in luck as their beer pours from over 15 different taps that are filled with quality Hungarian craft beer!

Whether you are wanting an amazing atmosphere, music and drinks you will be able to find it all here.

Tűzoltó u. 22 | Website


Best Bars in Budapest - Telep

5. Telep

If you are after a ruin pub in the heart of the city, then Telep will be perfect. With a huge variety of music and tourists and locals alike, you will be able to experience exactly how an evening in Budapest goes.

With amazing bartenders who perform as they put together your drinks at the bar along with an amazing interior and exterior!

Madách Imre út 8 | Website

Best Bars in Budapest - Nemdebár

6. Nemdebár

Although this doesn’t look like much from the outside, Nemdebár can provide you and your group with an amazing night out. With beer on tap and a buzzing atmosphere through the day and night you will have the perfect start to your night out here!

5, Széll Kálmán tér | Website ​

Best Bars in Budapest - Pótkulcs

7. Pótkulcs

If you are after a unique pub right in the city centre, then this is the place for you! You will probably find yourself just stumbling upon it when you are exploring Budapest. With amazing green plants and live music throughout the week you will be able to enjoy a few beers here to start you off for an incredible evening.

Csengery u. 65/b | Website

Best Bars in Budapest - Instant and Fogas

8. Instant and Fogas

Instant and Fogas is one of the best ruin bars/clubs in the whole of Budapest, think butterflies, owls, rabbits, disco balls and neon lights.

It always features the most up-to-date variety of current DJ’s and likes to think of itself as the city’s trendsetter when it comes to music!

Akácfa u. 49-51 | Website ​

Best Bars in Budapest - 360 Bar

9. 360 Bar

360 Bar is you guessed it, a 360 bar with amazing views of the whole of Budapest! If you are heading out here during the summer months, then this is definitely a place to go!

With amazing food and drinks to go with, why not start your night here and watch the sun set over Budapest?

Andrássy út 39 | Website

Best Bars in Budapest - Farm Gastrobar

10. Farm Gastrobar

This fairy light lit bar is perfect if you are around the area and want somewhere to enjoy a few snacks and some amazing drinks. Cocktails are their speciality and you can find an amazing variety of things to try whilst you are here.

Kazinczy u. 52./c | Website

Best Bars in Budapest - Boutiq’Bar

11. Boutiq’Bar

Don’t be fooled by the exterior of this place, inside you will find incredible and surprising cocktails, all decorated amazingly. With a vibe to go with and extremely friendly staff. If you are after a cocktail experience like no other, then head over to Boutiq’Bar!

Paulay Ede u. 5 | Website

Best Bars in Budapest - Ba Bar

12. Ba Bar

A cosy café with an interior to go with is Ba Bar Bistro. Whether you are after a beer, cocktail or even a casual catch up with friends, this bar is the perfect place to head. Open 7 days a week, you will always be able to enjoy all that Ba Bar has to offer during your time in Budapest.

 Huszár u. 7 | Website

Best Bars in Budapest - The Bar Budapest

13. The Bar Budapest

Known as being the place to go when you are in Budapest, The Bar is the perfect place to enjoy a huge selection of cocktails with amazing service to go with. With music playing to give off an amazing atmosphere you will be able to enjoy an experience like no other with your group.

Anker köz 3 | Website

Best Bars in Budapest - Doboz

14. Doboz

This large ruin bar has been converted from old buildings and a courtyard. Now here you will find everything from a club, bars and even a local art gallery. With amazing outdoor seating, tasty cocktails and an amazing vibe you and your group will be able to enjoy an evening full of fun.

Klauzál u. 10 | Website

Best Bars in Budapest - Corvin Teto

15. Corvin Teto

If you are heading to Budapest during the summer months we definitely recommend Corvin Teto, with a roof terrace on top of this club you will be able to enjoy the views whilst enjoying a drink and dancing the night away.

Blaha Lujza tér 1-2 | Website ​

Whether you’re planning a stag do or you need some bars to visit during your stag weekend in Budapest you will be able to find something for your whole group!

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