Virtual Horse Racing for Teams

Virtual Horse Racing
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Activity Details

  • Professional bookie host
  • Bet on multiple horse races
  • Choose your team strategy
  • Betting packs posted to all players

What Is the Virtual Horse Racing Experience?

A fully interactive and immersive session of horse racing, betting and (hopefully) winning! The entire experience is based at a virtual paddock with a virtual ‘bookie’ hosting each of the races. You can bet away your fun money from the comfort of your own home / office whilst still in the company of your colleagues.

Head into your breakout rooms to analyse the form of the horses, scout out the track and decide which horse you will back as you watch the odds change based on who your competitors are betting on.  Do you decide to place an early bets and get the best odds or wait and see why the money has been placed?

What’s Included

  • Exclusive online game platform
  • Work as individuals or teams to win big
  • Multiple races, horses, jockeys, and winners
  • Bet on a series of 6 horse races
  • Full commentary on the races
  • Betting packs delivered to everyone’s individual addresses
  • Professional host / bookie
  • Pre event support & planning
  • Suitable for a range of group sizes
  • Very simple and easy for everyone to play

Who is the Virtual Horse Racing Suitable For?

Prefect for virtual Christmas parties, groups or workplaces. Everyone can get stuck in and have fun, even if they do not know the ins and outs of horse racing.

All the rules will be explained to them clearly by the host before things kick off. It is a great way of bringing colleagues together in an informal environment, whilst encouraging a little light-hearted competition.


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