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Rating 4.9 of 5

Activity Details

  • Amazing storylines
  • Tap and Reveal technology
  • Cryptic clues, puzzles & challenges
  • Interactive fun host

What is a Virtual Escape Room?

Its a really simple online game where your group play and interactive together over Zoom or Microsoft teams to try and escape from a themed room.  We can run this for all types of groups, birthday's and team events.

The aim of the game is to escape and earn points before running out of time using strategy, commu­nica­tion and teamwork. Work through a series of unusual evidence, curveballs and mind-boggling questions and break free.  Choose your themed online escape room below.

What’s Included

  • The best virtual escape room on the market using tap and reveal technology
  • Choose from two thrilling game themes
  • The Art Heist or Arctic Expedition
  • Profes­si­onally run with a live host
  • The event host will set the scene with a tense briefing on why participants are trapped and must escape
  • The group will then split into smaller teams of 4-6 people who work together via Zoom
  • Tapping on objects in the room will reveal clues and challenges
  • Solve cryptic messages but watch out for red herrings
  • The aim of the game is to solve the clues to crack the code and break free.
  • Duration is 90 minutes in total.  15 mins for briefing, 60min gameplay, 15mins wrap up session
  • We can accommodate groups up to 250 participants per session
  • FAQ’s are further down the webpage

How Does the Digital Escape Room Work?

Remote hosts will set the tense scene with a virtual briefing, describing the reason you must escape! From there, each participant will be able to use a simple app on their smartphone device.

Tapping on objects, you'll reveal clues, evidence and cryptic codes whilst keeping an eye on the clock counting down your timer. Discussing the strategy with your team, you must progress through the stages of the online escape challenge. The goal of the game is straigh­tforward; unravel the clues to solve the code and break free, all before you run out of time.

The games have been developed using the best online technology to ensure everything runs smoothly throughout.

Choose your Virtual Escape Room Theme

We have two unique online escape game options to pick from. Each game has its own narrative creating a realistic reason to virtually escape the room.

Choose any option below

Option 1 - The Art Heist

A team meeting or an elaborate trick to frame you for an Art Heist? On arrival at the boardroom, you realise you have been locked in. You and your team must work together against the clock to crack the code, escape the room and stop the true Art Heist culprit.

Whose behind the art heist and what devious tricks have they played to try and frame you? Can they outsmart you or are you and your team able to decode the clues and cryptic messages they’ve left behind to beat them at their own game.

Option 2 - Arctic Survival

Can you work together against the clock, as a virtual team to complete the rescue mission. Crack the code and find the location using only your survival instincts.

With nightfall approaching and adverse weather conditions on the way, your artic expedition goes from bad to worse as you and your team become separated from your hiking guide. Forced to abandon your expedition in search of help you aimlessly wander through the snow. But what is that you see through the snow – a small unoccupied hut.

Could this be the lifeline you’re looking for? Although it doesn’t look likely there’ll be any human help, fingers crossed there is something inside you can use to get the help you need.

Inside the hut you notice a radio high up on a shelf, however, there doesn’t appear to be a power source. Further searching reveals a bag full of an explorers belongings….

Can you crack the code for the generator cupboard and find the emergency channel frequency on the radio, so the rescue team can send help? You only have the items in the bag and anything you can see in the hut to work out your location.

Unfor­tunately, time is against you as the adverse weather is fast approaching and within 60 minutes the hut is likely to be cut off with the snowfall and high winds. Can your virtual team pull together and escape in time?

Why do a Virtual Escape Room?

Its a really effective way to get teams / groups working together even when working from home. Remote escape rooms like this mean everyone can see each other, communicate through video call software and initiate a fun session instead of just another zoom call.

Without going to deep, people love to spend time together, which has proven difficult recently but this is a great way to keep up spirits and morale. This virtual escape room team building activity is an ideal replacement when events are take place face to face.

What do we need to play the escape rooms?

A stable internet connection, a laptop or desktop computer on which to join the Zoom conference call and either a smartphone or tablet device on which to download the app and join the activity.

We recommend Zoom for the best experience - See the benefits of using zoom here.
We can use other platforms like MS Teams but it requires some work from you - read here

The game supports most iOS and Android phones or tablets running:

  • iOS version 11.0 and above
  • Android version 4.4 and above
  • Apps can be downloaded from the App Store or Google Play

How long does the Remote Escape Room online last for?

The online escape experience is a total duration of 90 minutes which includes a 15 mins briefing, 60mins gameplay and 15mins wrap up session.

15mins - We'll brief you as one large group

60mins - Then split your larger group into smaller, more manageable teams for the gameplay

15mins - We'll bring you all back together for the wrap up

Are Virtual Escape Rooms for large groups achievable?

Our online escape room is fine for both small and large groups up to 250 people to take apart in one session. We can accommodate up to 5000 people spread over different sessions.

Using conferencing software like zoom we will split your larger group into smaller break out rooms.­ This makes it a better experience for the participants as they can communicate to each other without being talked over.  If you think your group size is big then just contact us today to discuss your requ­ire­ments.

Are Your Virtual Escape Rooms UK based?

Our digital escape rooms are online with English speaking hosts. Many oversea parti­cipants take part as it's accessible anywhere in the world.

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Write a review

    Overall Experience
Rating 5.0
Sophie Hills
9th February 2021
The event was great and ran really smoothly, thanks very much.
Rating 5.0
Olly @ Foss Co.
2nd February 2021
Feedback from the team was all positive. Thank you to Beth for arranging this for us.
Rating 5.0
14th January 2021
We escaped!
The wrap up session was a great idea to bring everything back into the same room.
Rating 5.0
Andy P
11th January 2021
Part of our sales meeting. Wasn't sure at first but got into the activity and by the end I loved it. Maybe send out a briefing prior to the event to help get us in the mood. Overall 1st Class!
Rating 5.0
Lucy Harris
8th January 2021
Our company booked this for a catch up as everyone is working remotely at the moment. We used MS Teams, everything worked well.
Rating 5.0
David T
18th December 2020
Simple to setup, everyone said they loved it.
Planning another one for January.
Rating 4.0
Julie Purdie
16th December 2020
Everyone really enjoyed the event
Rating 5.0
15th December 2020
Better than what we were expecting. The host was very interactive and kept us on track.
Are group was 90 staff members but the host broken us up into smaller groups on of 5 people which made it much better.
Rating 5.0
Dahlia Dawes
15th December 2020
I just wanted to tell you how ,much we all enjoyed the event on Tuesday and if you could pass on our thanks to Gavin (I think that’s his name, apologies if incorrect) for being such a great and patient host
Rating 5.0
Jess H
14th December 2020
Hi Beth

WOW! Really well ran event. I wasn’t sure whether to arrange a remote escape room as no one in the business had ever experienced one. However I must say that you guys really impressed me.

Thanks for arranging and catch up in the new year