10 Best Stag Destinations in Europe

Top 10 Stag Destinations in Europe

A stag do is a celebration that is remembered for a lifetime, so ensure it’s an unbeatable experience with a stag destination in Europe!

We understand how time consuming it can be trying to figure out the perfect stag destination for you and your group in the UK never mind in Europe. But we’ve done all of the hard work for you and put together the ultimate list, may we present to you the top 10 stag destinations in Europe…


Budapest Stag Do Ideas

1. Budapest

Probably one of the only cities you remember in Hungary. A Budapest stag do can provide you lads with unforgettable nightlife, incredible food and only set you back £1.06 for a bottle of beer!

This Hungarian capital is split into 2 sections, historic Buda on the West and cosmopolitan Pest on the East – with all that this city provides a Budapest stag weekend would be perfect for any group.

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Berlin Stag Do Activities

2. Berlin

A city that needs no introduction and provides everything that you could ever want in a European city stag weekend is Berlin.

Your Berlin stag do will be full of so many trips to many pubs, clubs and bars you’ll lose count by the time you’re onto your second day!

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Barcelona Stag Ideas

3. Barcelona

Perfect for sightseeing, drinking and having an unforgettable weekend is big, bold Barcelona. A Barcelona stag do is what you want if you are a big group of lads who are after having some fun.

Just over 2 hours on the plane, you will be sitting in the sunshine with a bottle of beer in no time. And for €1.50 a pop for their locally brewed Estrella you can’t really go wrong.

Stag Weekends in Prague

4. Prague

Prague has transformed itself into a stag do giant over the years with its endless supply of strip clubs, cheap accommodation and hefty hangovers.

A Prague stag do is a cheap & cheerful experience that will offer opportunities that’ll provide epic stag memories – like getting your hands on shooting experiences you couldn’t get here!

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Munich Stag Do

5. Munich

Known for its famous breweries and being the birthplace of BMW, Munich will blow your socks off with the amount of hidden gems it has for a stag weekend!

A Munich stag do will provide you lads with a unique weekend whether you’re heading over to celebrate Oktoberfest or visit Europe’s largest strip club – we’re sure that’s got your attention.

Stag Do Ideas in Lisbon

6. Lisbon

Lisbon is quickly growing into an ever-popular stag destination for all kinds of groups. Offering everything from an epic nightlife scene to good weather all year round. 

A Lisbon stag do will provide you with an authentic Portuguese vibe with its cobbled streets filled with incredible unique bars along with it being extremely affordable considering it’s a city!

Bratislava Stag Do

7. Bratislava

The easy going Slovakian capital and a city that welcomes stags with open arms is Bratislava! Although they don’t shout about it, the nightlife in this city is perfect for an epic stag do.

Your Bratislava stag do will be a none stop party as this city never stops, from morning till evening you will never run out of things to do as your living it up in the capital.

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Hamburg Stag Do Weekend Ideas

8. Hamburg

Germany’s second largest city, Hamburg is amazing for its beer, its nightlife and its food. The three things that make a Hamburg stag do the best decision you could make.

And whether you’re heading to ‘Hamburg’s most sinful mile’ (Reeperbahn) or after some seriously incredible food over in Sternschanze, you will be experiencing things perfect for a stag weekend. Check out all the best Hamburg attractions to explore with the lads.

Amsterdam Stag Weekends

9. Amsterdam

A visit to Amsterdam is something that all men have to experience…obviously, which is why an Amsterdam stag do is great for anyone wanting to explore the notorious Red Light District!

And if you’re not, even the culture, endless amount of coffee shops and trying all of the beer alone makes a good enough reason to visit this incredible city!

Dublin Stag Do Activities

10. Dublin

Known for being a small capital with a BIG reputation is good old Dublin. This city can provide your lads with the most memorable night out of your life just by staying around Temple Bar!

There are over 600 licensed boozers in this wonderful city and we are sure during your Dublin stag do you will be visiting quite a few of them that’s for sure!

We have showcased 10 popular stag do destinations abroad in Europe however we have more european locations with over 1000's stag activities. Chat to one of our stag organisers on 0161 3410052, who will assit to create an awesome stag party.

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