32 Stag Do Themes

17 Epic Stag Do Themes

Obviously, your stag weekend is a massive deal, right? Which is why you will want it to stand out from all your previous nights out and other stag weekends you have been on.

Stag night themes have become very popular over the past years, and what better way of getting all the lads involved than a fancy dress night out? If you're planning the stag night, why not try either traditional accessories, funny or a classy fancy dress stag theme? There are endless amounts of ideas for what to choose for your theme, but to help, we have found some epic stag do themes for any type of groom-to-be. So, whether you fancy going all-out or maybe just get some T-shirts stag nicknames on them, these stag do themes will be sure to give you plenty of inspiration.


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Classic Stag Party Theme Ideas

1. Traditional

Kicking off the list are classic stag do accessories for a hilarious night out. We’re talking personalised T-shirts (Gavin & Stacey style), a bit of colour co-ordination and masks of the groom's face, to name a few ideas.

2. Pub Golf

A lot more relaxed, this fits in two scenarios. Firstly, if your best pal is a major fan of golfing and loves the crazy coloured shorts and patterned jumpers. Or, if you’re actually playing pub golf on your stag night out! Why not try the Smartphone Pub Quiz Crawl - Best Seller for 2019!

3. Rude & Cheeky

This might as well be traditional, because if you’ve ever been on a night out you will have 100% seen a groom to be dressed as a penis! Inflatable boobs, willy’s and other embarrassing accessories to force on the stag are all part of the fun.

4. Stags - Literally!

The British call it a stag do because the stag is a lone wolf, cocky and ready for anything before the marriage. Why not spend the last night of freedom dressed as actual stags, antlers and all.

Stag Do Fancy Dress Ideas

There is an ever-growing hilarious range of stag do costumes to suit every group of lads looking to embarrass their best pal. Make the groom blush, give your party a theme or break the ice between a new group of people with some memorable stag do dress up.

1. Army/Military

Easy and inexpensive, this is a great theme that everyone can get on board with no matter the budget. Get out your old camouflage and whack on some war paint ready to tackle all the booze.

2. Bavarian

This stag party theme is more costume-based, unless your pals have a pair of Lederhosen lying around! Complete the look by constantly having a beer in your hand all stag weekend.

3. Bananas & Gorillas

Hilarious and full on ridiculous, get your stag to dress as a banana with the rest of the groomsmen dressed as gorillas chasing him.

4. Pimps

Haven’t you always wanted to be a pimp for the night? Now’s your chance to slip into an oversized fur coat and walk with a leopard print canes lads!

5. Morph Suit Madness

A classic stag do theme, grabbing yourselves a set of multi-coloured morph suits to wear on your big night out is a guaranteed hit!

6. Ninja Turtles

Throw it back to the 90s with this cartoon-inspired stag do theme. No matter if you're the leader of the pack like Leonardo or a fun-loving fool like Michaelangelo, be sure to grab a pizza from the local takeaway after your TMNT-themed night out!

7. Retro Rumble

Bring back classic characters from your favourite video games with this stag do theme. From Mario & Luigi to Duke Nukem… this theme is a real blast from the past!

8. Superheroes

Whether you’re mad about Marvel or a D.C. fanatic, dress up as your favourite superheroes with this stag do theme and let the town know who’s in charge!

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Funny Stag Do Themes

1. Mankini

Sticking your groom to be in a mankini is less than a theme and more of a stag do prank, but nevertheless it’s still hilarious and a popular theme to choose!

2. Sports

Famous sports, jockeys, footballers or just sporty gear to get you ready for anything. We’re thinking legwarmers, sweat bands, too short shorts and maybe even a medal or two if you want to commit. Golfing stag do themes are huge at the moment, maybe complete the theme with a footgolf activity?

3. Big Girls' Blouse

Unless you’re a professional drag queen in your spare time, it’s unlikely that you dress up as a lady. Go all out with sparkly dresses and red lippy to make the last night of freedom one to truly remember.

4. Gnomes

For something a little outside the box, dig out your pointiest hat and dirtiest dungarees to dress as a gnome for the night. This can also be applied to dwarves, more specifically Snow White & the seven dwarves (with the groom as Snow White!)

5. Chaps vs Chavs

Channel your inner aristocrat or unleash your inner cheeky chav, sporting your best tartan jackets or your freshly pressed tracksuits… the choice is yours.

6. Time-Travelling Toffs

Jump through British history with outfits spanning from medieval knights to swinging 60s mods for a stag do that's a real blast from the past!

7. Pirate Plunderers

Set sail for a night of rum, sea shanties and maritime mischief. Arr’ matey, this be a stag do fit for swashbucklers and scallywags!

8. Vicars and Tarts Extravaganza

Ecclesiastical elegance meets saucy sass in this classic stag do theme. Blessings and burlesque, anyone?

9. Monty Python Mayhem

Bring the surreal world of Monty Python to life – Ministry of Silly Walks, killer rabbits and a touch of absurdity for a truly British bash on your stag night out!

10. Pub Landlords and Barmaids

Take a trip to the local with a pub-themed stag do. Will you be the landlord, the barmaid, or just the guy propping up the bar?

Unique Stag Themes

1. TV Shows

It’s always clever and witty to make a TV show reference with your stag do themes, and easier than ever! From a hilarious attempt at Baywatch to the easy-peasy Peaky Blinders, choose something that will make onlookers giggle.

2. Movie Madness

Similar to TV shows, choose an iconic movie and go as the characters, or just add the general theme to your attire. Pulp Fiction is a popular choice, and the Godfather is an easy one to achieve.

3. Suit & Tie

Stag do themes don’t always have to be outrageous and silly. Keep it classy with a smart suit and tie for all the gang and get some pretty excellent pictures of all the guys looking dashing before the weekend.

4. 80’s

A lot of hen parties opt for the 80s theme, but wasn’t this decade the period of rock legends? KISS, Def Leppard, Guns & Roses, Van Halen – all of these bands have an iconic look you could use as inspiration.

5. Britpop Bash

Throw it back to the 90s with a classic Britpop-themed stag do. Make sure to pull out your parka jacket and channel your inner Liam Gallagher for this one!

6. Gentleman's Club Gathering

Class it up with sophistication and style – Think tuxedos, cigars and perhaps a touch of James Bond glamour for a stag do that's shaken, not stirred.

7. Moustache Mania

From handlebars to walruses, celebrate the glory of facial hair with this hilarious stag do theme. Remember, when it’s all about the 'tache: the bigger, the better!

8. Knights' Knees-Up

Make it a celebration fit for a king and sport your best suit of armour with this medieval stag do theme! However, it’ll probably be best to leave the swords and crossbows at home…

9. Tweed and Tea Party

Embrace your inner toff and sport your best tweed jackets, cravats and flat caps with this daring theme!

10. Wimbledon Whites

Embrace the English summertime by sporting your best Wimbledon whites with this stag do theme - Game, set, match!

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