The Best Restaurants in Munich for Stag Dos

Best Bars in Munich

Famous for its yearly Oktoberfest, the Bavarian capital is also world-renowned for its unique and exciting cuisine!

If you’re thinking about a final weekend of freedom in this magical city, then you’re going to need to take some time out of the boozy celebrations to fill your stomachs ready for the day ahead. With so many places to eat from the traditional beerhalls to modern and stylish eateries, take a look at the best restaurants in Munich below and try some of them out for yourselves.

Wirtshaus Zum Straubinger - Best Restaurants in Munich

1. Wirtshaus Zum Straubinger

Right on the edge of Munich’s Old Town area, Witshaus Zum Straubinger is one of the most popular places to try out some classic Bavarian and German cuisine in the city. Unlike many other venues in the city, this Munich restaurant boasts a modern and contemporary style, with tonnes of space to get sat down inside as well as terraces both to the front and back of the venue. Whether you’re looking for schnitzel or sausages, you’ll find plenty to browse on the menus here, as well as a host of classic Munich beers brewed locally.

📌 Blumenstraße 5 | Website »

Bratwurstherzl - Best Restaurants in Munich

2. Bratwurstherzl

Just like the name suggests, Bratwurstherzl is the exact place to head to if you’re looking to try some delicious Bratwurst sausage, a dish that’s long been associated with Bavaria and Germany as a whole. Inside this historic Munich restaurant you’ll find stripped-back brick walls and vaulted ceilings, giving this place a proper old-world atmosphere and makes for a great dining experience.

📌 Dreifal­tig­ke­itspl. 1 | Website »

Gasthaus Isarthor - Best Restaurants in Munich

3. Gasthaus Isarthor

To the east of the historic city centre you’ll find Gasthaus Isarthor, a fantastic Munich restaurant that has a little bit of everything on the menu from classic Bavarian dishes to European favourites including pasta dishes and more. Inside the venue you’ll find the walls lined with memorabilia from years gone by, as well as beers served by the stein in ceramic tankards. If it’s a nice day outside, you could always sit street-side and enjoy your food on the terrace whilst watching the world go by, the choice is yours. Either way, this place is definitely worth checking out.

📌 Kanalstraße 2 | Website »

Ayinger am Platzl - Best Restaurants in Munich

4. Ayinger am Platzl

The flagship venue for the local Ayinger Brewery, Ayinger am Platzl can be found right in the heart of the city, overlooking the Platzl public square. With a cool and minimalist vibe inside, you can expect to find a range of weird and wonderful décor lining the walls. As for the menu, expect to find a range of mouth-watering dishes typical of the Bavarian style, as well as Ayinger beer served in the brewery’s own ceramic beer mugs.

📌 Platzl 1A | Website »

Augustiner am Dom - Best Restaurants in Munich

5. Augustiner am Dom

On the doorstep of the iconic Frauenkirche is Augustiner am Dom, the flagship restaurant for the oldest brewery in the city that dates back to the 12th century. Covering three floors, this large Munich restaurant has plenty on the menu when it comes to traditional Bavarian food, including schnitzel, kartoffel and salads. With a large garden area to enjoy on sunny days and plenty of beer behind the bar, this place is a no-brainer.

📌 Frauenplatz 8 | Website »

Zum Franziskaner - Best Restaurants in Munich

6. Zum Franziskaner

A modern and sophisticated take on the old-world beerhalls that make this city famous, Zum Franziskaner is probably one of the most aesthetically pleasing Munich restaurants with flags draping the walls and trellises covered in leaves separating the tables. With classic bench-style seats around the main floor, this venue has a hearty menu with plenty of dishes to browse and explore too. Of course, if you fancy a drink with your food, there’s plenty of local beer being served here as well!

📌 Residenzstraße 9 | Website »

Donisl - Best Restaurants in Munich

7. Donisl Munich

Similar to the last entry on this list, Donisl Munich is another modern and vibrant venue that merges the classic old atmosphere of the Medieval beer halls with contemporary furnishings and décor. Inside, you’ll find huge archways lining the edges of the main floor and a large glass roof high above the venue. Specialising in both Bavarian and Austrian cuisine, this Munich restaurant is actually the second oldest of its kind in the city, dating back to the late 1700s.

📌 Weinstraße 1  | Website »

Beim Sedlmayr - Best Restaurants in Munich

8. Beim Sedlmayr

Easily recognised by its three large window arches, Beim Sedlmayr is a classic Munich restaurant that should definitely be on your list of places to try out for a bite to eat. With mostly Paulaner beers on tap, these are paired with some fantastic Bavarian and German dishes and a homely atmosphere that’s hard to manufacture. With classic dishes from kartoffel to schnitzel and bratwurst, this place is a great idea for a bite to eat and a few pints.

📌 Westen­ri­ede­rstraß­e 14 | Website »

Nuernberger Bratwurst Gloeckl am Dom - Best Restaurants in Munich

9. Nuernberger Bratwurst Gloeckl am Dom

A long-standing Munich restaurant that’s made a name for itself since opening in the late 1800s, Nuernberger Bratwurst Gloeckl am Dom sits right opposite the Frauenkirche in the heart of the historic city centre, making it a great place to start exploring the city centre. With an old-style atmosphere inside that hasn’t changed much over the years, this place is especially great for bratwurst, sauerkraut and potato dishes as well as serving Augustiner lager from wooden barrels.

📌 Frauenplatz 9  | Website »

Spatenhaus at the Opera - Best Restaurants in Munich

10. Spatenhaus at the Opera

The flagship venue for Spatenbrau, one of the city’s oldest breweries, is Spatenhaus at the Opera. Overlooking Max-Joseph-Platz, this Munich restaurant has an opulent and stylish vibe inside with wood-panel walls and ceilings as well as an impressive fresco above the main dining space. If you’re looking for classic and hearty meat dishes this city is known for then you’ll be more than happy tucking into a meal here. On tap, you’ll also find some great beers like Franziskaner and much more.

📌 Residenzstraße 12 | Website »

Gaststätte Burg Pappenheim - Best Restaurants in Munich

11. Gaststätte Burg Pappenheim

A small and cosy Munich restaurant, Gaststätte Burg Pappenheim still boasts a tonne of rustic charm just like many other places on this list. Serving Augustiner beer strictly from wooden barrels, you’ll find a host of décor and memorabilia around the venue giving the place a proper welcoming atmosphere. With plenty of traditional dishes on their menu including bratwurst, salads and much more, this place is a great idea if you’re looking to avoid the crowds.

📌 Baaderstraße 46 | Website »

Fraunhofer - Best Restaurants in Munich

12. Fraunhofer

Serving a range of dishes from traditional German to Central European classics like goulash, Fraunhofer Restaurant is a fantastic place to eat in Munich, with a cosy home-style atmosphere with wood-panelled décor around the venue. Not only will you find hearty meat dishes, but there’s also plenty of salads and vegetarian options on the menu here too. If you’re looking for a Munich restaurant without the hustle and bustle, this place is a wise idea.

📌 Fraunhoferstraß­e 9 | Website »

Der Pschorr - Best Restaurants in Munich

13. Der Pschorr

Home of the Hacker-Pschorr Brewery, Der Pschorr is a large and exciting Munich restaurant split over two floors, featuring vaulted ceilings and archways throughout the venue lined with wood-panelled features. With waitresses in traditional dress, this place prides itself on its authentic Bavarian atmosphere… and that definitely rings true when it comes to the food as well!

📌 Viktualienmarkt 15 | Website »

Mariannenhof - Best Restaurants in Munich

14. Mariannenhof

With a more modern vibe than the traditional beerhalls that this city is famous for, Mariannenhof is a well-loved Munich restaurant that boasts a cosy space inside as well as plenty of seats to the front of the venue looking onto the street. Inside, you’ll find a great menu serving a range of dishes from burgers and steaks to the classic schnitzel. When it comes to drinks, you’ll find a host of classic Bavarian beers as well as a great cocktail selection!

📌 Mariannenstraße 1 | Website »

Tattenbach Wirtshaus & Stüberl - Best Restaurants in Munich

15. Tattenbach Wirtshaus & Stüberl

Another brilliant place to find Augustiner beer paired with delicious Bavarian food is the Tattenbach Wirtshaus, another long-standing favourite when it comes to restaurants in Munich. This place also serves Augustiner lager from the barrel, as is a traditional custom for those who serve it in the city. Inside the venue you’ll find large, vaulted ceilings with painted frescoes covering them, so if you’re looking for somewhere impressive to grab a bite to eat then this place will certainly tick the boxes.

📌 Tattenbachstraß­e 6 | Website »

Liebighof - Best Restaurants in Munich

16. Liebighof Munich

With a more modern vibe than the traditional beerhalls that this city is famous for, Mariannenhof is a well-loved Munich restaurant that boasts a cosy space inside as well as plenty of seats to the front of the venue looking onto the street. Inside, you’ll find a great menu serving a range of dishes from burgers and steaks to the classic schnitzel. When it comes to drinks, you’ll find a host of classic Bavarian beers as well as a great cocktail selection!

📌 Liebigstraße 14 | Website »

Cotidiano Promenadeplatz - Best Restaurants in Munich

17. Cotidiano Promenadeplatz

To stray away for just a second, Cotidiano Promenadeplatz is a great Munich restaurant that has a little bit of everything for all kinds of preferences. With a bright an modern interior, this place has a host of all-day favourites from club sandwiches to steak & eggs, as well as a fantastic brunch menu and much more to browse at. If you’re just looking for a small bite to eat, there’s also a variety of snacks and pasta dishes on offer as well.

📌 Maxburgstraße 4 | Website »

Görreshof Wirtshaus - Best Restaurants in Munich

18. Görreshof Wirtshaus

A long-surviving Munich restaurant that has been around since the 1890s, the Görreshof Wirtshaus is a fantastic eatery and tavern with all the traditional Bavarian charm that you should expect from a place like this. With a set menu of firm classics, this restaurant also offers a soup of the day as well as rotating dishes on their day menu. As for drinks, you’ll find Augustiner and Kaltenberg beers being served here as well as soft drinks and prosecco.

📌 Görresstraße 38 | Website »

Schwabinger Wassermann - Best Restaurants in Munich

19. Schwabinger Wassermann

A modern eatery that doubles up as a stylish city cocktail bar, Schwabinger Wassermann is a brilliant Munich restaurant that boasts an interesting and modern menu that’s hard to beat. With a great atmosphere inside, this place serves up three delicious menus for breakfast, lunch and dinner with a host of awesome options on offer from risotto to curries and tiramisu.

📌 Herzogstraße 82 | Website »

Kaisergarten - Best Restaurants in Munich

20. Kaisergarten Munich

Most famous for its impressive tree-lined beer terrace, the Kaisergarten is a brilliant restaurant in Munich that’s perfect for visiting at any time of the day. With a mouth-watering menu with options like dumplings, ravioli and soups, they also have plenty of drinks to browse at from cocktails to teas and coffees.

📌 Kaiserstraße 34 | Website »

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