Smartphone City Treasure Hunt Team Building

Team Building Smartphone City Treasure Hunt
  • Team Building Smartphone City Treasure Hunt
  • Team Building Smartphone Treasure Hunt Activity
  • Team Building Smartphone Treasure Hunt City
  • Smartphone Treasure Hunt City Challenge
  • Smartphone Treasure Hunt in the City
Rating 4.9 of 5

Activity Details

  • Organised city treasure hunt
  • Self-run, start anytime
  • Great value, app technology
  • Team challenges & puzzles

What is the Smartphone City Treasure Hunt Team Building Experience?

The hugely popular smartphone city treasure hunt team building event offers a fully interactive, self-run experience that gets the team out and about. On the day, simply split into teams and activate the easy to use app on your phone. On the app, give your team a name and set off to unlock different hotspots. Answer questions, trivia and complete challenges in relation to local, national and inter­national knowledge around your chosen location. The aim is simple, the team with the most points at the end of the session wins!

What’s Included

  • Start any time – you decide on the day
  • Smartphone app technology
  • Work in teams to find your way round your chosen city
  • Name your team & take selfies
  • Unlock clues, puzzles and challenges.
  • Live scoreboard, team tracker map, image recognition and GPS activation
  • City trivia is completed throughout the city including famous landmarks, local celebrities and some weird and wonderful trivia.
  • One of our most popular team building activities
  • Out of Office Technical help line
  • Upgrade – personalise the treasure hunt by adding some of your own bespoke questions – ask for details and prices

Is This a Team Building Scavenger Hunt?

Think of this team bonding event as an electronic, GPS version of the classic scavenger hunt. You’ll still have to work together to find the hotspot locations and unlock the questions. Each question or challenge completed will lead you on to the next hotspot and so on. There’s a huge variety of hotspots, so just like a scavenger hunt you need to find as many as possible before the times up.

Extra Info:

The App is designed for Android phones and tablets, the iPhone and the iPad. It will not work on Windows phones or Blackberry.

There are also minimum versions of the operating system that are required for the App so if you can't see it in the store it probably means your phone isn't compatible.

The minimum device system requirements are as follows…

  • iOS Version 10.0 and above,
  • Android Version 4.4 and above,
  • Whatever phone or tablet you use, it will also need a data plan, a compass and have GPS activated.
  • A fully charged smartphone will be required per team.
  • Whilst the App will normally work on other unre­com­mended Android & iOS devices, there may be times where users experience issues with certain areas such as poor battery life, GPS signal or small issues in the game. In particular, you may have issues if running the App on an old phone.


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    Overall Experience
Rating 5.0
5th October 2019
It was just what we’d hoped for and everyone loved it. We’ll definitely do something similar again and I’ll spread the word.
Rating 5.0
Judith Thompson
1st October 2019
All well thanks! We had an absolutely brilliant time, and there were no glitches or issues with the app. It was great fun and there was a good variety of questions and tasks
Rating 5.0
Thomas Hacker
17th September 2019
It was good fun thank you. The app ran smoothly we had no problems. A good day for it as well.
Rating 5.0
Oliver Poulain
13th September 2019
The event went really well thanks. No issues with the app which was great.
Rating 5.0
Gary Sweeten
13th September 2019
The event ran unbelievably well! Absolutely everyone had a great time, and the level of competition across the teams was through the roof.

I will most definitely be recommending the event to other areas in the business and also to clients & friends out with.
Rating 5.0
David Mason
10th September 2019
The event was very smooth, easy to set up and very fun! Thanks.
Rating 5.0
Karolina Gherbi
9th September 2019
The event went well and everyone enjoyed the treasure hunt very much.

But it was really good fun and I'd say the interactive picture / video tasks were the highlight for me as these were the ones where team efforts were required and got everyone involved, which was the main goal of the event.

Thank you very much for your help in organising this event for us, it's much appreciated.
Rating 5.0
Lianne McCallum
6th September 2019
We all had a fantastic time at our team building treasure hunt.

We found it good fun and easy to follow once we got started. There were no issues (apart from a few who didn’t read the rules properly) but that was on them and not the way the Treasure hunt was set up!

I would definitely recommend this for family or corporate events.

Thanks again for your help.
Rating 5.0
Isabel Hawkins
5th September 2019
The event was fantastic thank you the team had a great time, and my team won !! have recommended you to my other colleagues in other districts.
Rating 5.0
Marianna Brandeburgo
22nd August 2019
Thanks! We really enjoyed it. Will consider for next activities. Thank you!