Beyoncé Single Ladies Dance Hen Party

Beyonce Single Ladies Dance Class
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Activity Details

  • She put a ring on it!
  • Fun dance class to single ladies
  • Central private venue
  • Spectators are free

What Does the Beyoncé Single Ladies Dance Hen Party Entail?

The Beyoncé single ladies dance hen party gives you and the girls the chance to put together your own unique dance routine. Start by making your way over to your city centre venue and meet your trained dance instructor. They will assess your dancing ability and put together a warm up to get you all ready for the experience. Then you will go through all the classic Queen B dance moves until you’ve got the hang of them all. When you do, put them together into a chore­og­raphed dance routine and perform it at the end!

What’s Included

  • Learn a fun dance routine
  • Nice high tempo warm up
  • Dance instructor
  • The group will learn some sassy dance routines just like Beyoncé
  • Class suited to each individual groups pace
  • Rehearse the dance moves as you go
  • The girls will then put together all the moves to Single Ladies
  • Private room in a central venue
  • Spectators are free of charge

What Are the Classic Single Ladies Dance Moves?

Everyone has seen the iconic Beyoncé Single Ladies music video which means you have a rough idea on all the classic moves that you could potentially be learning. Although the dance itself might look like it’s pretty quick and complicated to learn, if you break it down into the individual moves you will probably get the hang of it all. You’ll be dancing like Beyoncé before you know it!

Hand on Hip

Now this is pretty simple, just show some sass and place your hand on your hip to start the dance off, you’ll feel like a teapot. Whilst your hand is on your hips just shake them to the beat!

Ring on It

Like the hand on hip movement, shake your hips but this time point to your wedding ring finger too! Of course only when the lyrics say ‘put a ring on it.’

Wrist Flick

For the chorus after you’ve put a ring on it, Bey and the girls do a lot of writs flicking movements, you could freestyle this bit of follow the music video where you flip your wrist and head!

Bend & Snap

You could probably consider all of the moves for this music video extremely bendy and snappy. So you will be able to do a variety of the moves under this category.

Follow the Leader

Follow each other in a circle with your hands on your hips shaking them. When you get back round to the start of the circle give your leg a little kick!

Where Is the Beyoncé Dance Class Based?

All of our Beyoncé dance classes are based in private city centre function rooms either in a hotel, hired venue or dance studio. This is so that you can easily add a dance class into the rest of your hen party plans. And a dance class like this is just supposed to be a little bit of fun so we always make sure the class is completely private just for your group. That way you can really let loose and enjoy yourself for the duration of the activity.

Extra Info:

Sportswear, trainers (comfortable)

Dress-up with big hair, heels, shorts, glam, leotards!


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    Overall Experience
Rating 5.0
Humayra Suleman
1st April 2018
I would just like to say we had an absolutely amazing time, our instructor (i'm really sorry i forgot her name), she was amazing! She made everything so lively and fun and made us all feel comfortable. She truly made my friends suprise hen do truly memorable. Honestly i cannot thank her and you all enough for the experience.
Rating 5.0
Nicola McKenzie
23rd March 2018
We had a fantastic time thank you. Really enjoyed it!
  • Nicola Mckenzie 2
Rating 5.0
Alison Harryman
17th March 2018
We had fab time at Zareens hen on 17th March. So much fun at dance class and food venue was very good. All very happy hens and bride. Thank you for making it all so easy

Rating 5.0
Sarah Barker
24th February 2018
We had a lovely time thank you! The lady who ran the session was very friendly!
Rating 5.0
Catherine Hartley
10th February 2018
Overall really enjoyed it though and it was very stress-free organisation wise - thanks very much for all your help!
Rating 5.0
Susan Hutchinson
25th August 2017
We had a fab time thanks
Rating 5.0
Davena Asham
5th August 2017
. The dance instructor was amazing and the Bride and Hens really enjoyed the events! Will definitely be recommending you.
Rating 5.0
Rebecca Passmore
29th July 2017
We had a fantastic time and our instructor was Fabulous she was called Esme. Would recommend this to any hen party.
Rating 5.0
Denise Geal
24th June 2017
We had a brilliant time! I can't thank your team enough. The wonderful woman who taught us the choreography was lovely, patient and professional throughout.

Please tell her how much we all enjoyed ourselves and that we promise to practise!

Rating 5.0
Tricia Bottomley
28th May 2017
We had a absolute fantastic time we loved the Beyonce dancing and the cocktail making to be honest I've been on a downer since coming home.

Would highly recommend you to everyone. Thank you so much.