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Hen Party Old School Sports Day
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  • Hen Party Old School Sports Day Activity
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Activity Details

  • Retro fun games
  • Egg & spoon, sack race
  • Play in teams/ houses
  • Venue hire included

What Happens During an Old School Sports Day Hen Party?

Your group will head back in time and complete a series of hilarious old school games in a competition to earn the most points in your teams! Your old school sports day hen party will start once you arrive at our venue.

An experienced instructor will give you a run down of the activity, including a safety briefing, before splitting all the girls into groups with coloured bibs. In your houses, conquer retro games like the egg and spoon race and sack race to gain your team points throughout the day.

At half time, take a break with a hilarious Mr and Mrs Quiz for your bride-to-be, and get together for a team photo to remember the day. After the second half of your experience, the instructor will crown a winning group!

What’s Included

  • Retro school sports games
  • Event Co-ordinator to run the day
  • Short safety briefing
  • Split into team houses with coloured bibs
  • Venue hire included
  • Pick your captain
  • Team photo
  • Mr and Mrs Quiz at half time
  • All sports day equipment included
  • Games could include space hoppers, the egg and spoon race, sack race etc.

What Games Could be Played During an Old School Sports Day?

Just like you remember back in the good ol’ days, this experience brings together all the most memorable and most hilarious old school sports day games to make up one fantastic day! Whether its testing your stamina, agility or hand-eye co-ordination, the games included in this activity are guaranteed to bring back some good memories!

  • Egg & Spoon Race

  • Sack Race

  • Hula Hoops

  • Space Hoppers

  • Bean Bag on Head Race

  • Wheelbarrow Race

  •  3-Legged Race

  • Relay Race

Who Can Participate in the Sports Days?

Even if you’re not the sportiest of girls in the group… all the girls can take part and have lots of fun with the old school sports day activity! Designed with fun and inclusivity in mind, this is an awesome activity to include into any party weekend for those looking for casual competitiveness and an experience that’s guaranteed to be packed full of fun and laughter.

Old School Sports Day Hen Party Activity

What Should I Wear for my Old School Sports Day Hen Do?

We would always reccommend wearing comfortable, sporty clothing for a sports day so you can get stuck in! This can include gym leggings, comfy gym shows and weather-appropriate clothing depending on the temperature. If you have a theme, feel free to bring fancy dress for your group as long as it's not offensive.

Other Ideas

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    Overall Experience
Rating 5.0
Cheryl Cumming
25th September 2021
If I’m being honest I wasn’t sure what to expect and thought people might think I had gone bonkers for booking this and maybe find it boring. It couldn’t have been further from that, I honestly don’t think I have laughed as much in ages!!! We all had such a good time, from start to finish. Mark who took our group was fab and I’m not sure if it would have been the same without him-he kept us all going and was definitely riling up the team rivalry! Everyone commented on how much fun they had although my legs were killing for days as we were going at it that hard. Would absolutely recommend!
Rating 4.0
Lyndsey Orr
25th January 2020
Yes all went well thank you, really enjoyable. The leader forgot to do the Mr and Mrs quiz which was a little disappointing, however he gave us the questions and we organised that in the evening.
Rating 5.0
Emma Combs
12th October 2019
The sports day was so much fun and brought us back to our school competitive days, and the cocktail making was hilarious and really good fun also! Will defo be recommending to others, thank you!
  • Emma Combs 1
  • Emma Combs 2
  • Emma Combs 3
  • Emma Combs 4
  • Emma Combs 5
  • Emma Combs 6
  • Emma Combs 8
  • Emma Combs 9
Rating 5.0
Kim Salter
5th October 2019
We had an awesome time
Rating 4.0
Kelly Jarvis
13th July 2019
Yes we had a really good time thank you. all staff were fab, really good fun and all of the events were really well managed.
Rating 5.0
Suze Patel
16th June 2019
Yes thank you, we all had a nice time.
Rating 5.0
Rachel Maher
13th April 2019
We all had a brilliant time. It was really fun. . We didn’t get that many pictures as we were to busy being competitive.
  • Rachel Maher 01
  • Rachel Maher 03
Rating 5.0
Lisa Darbyshire
13th April 2019
We just wanted to let you know that our Old Skool Sports Day on Saturday went brilliantly!

It was so much fun; the event organiser was so good at running the event, and we all had such a laugh!!

The Bride to be had no idea what we had planned and it was a complete shock to her when we arrived at the venue!

Thank you for all your assistance with this, we would definitely recommend this event and your company to others.
  • Lisa Darbyshire (1)
  • Lisa Darbyshire (2)
  • Lisa Darbyshire (3)
  • Lisa Darbyshire (4)
  • Lisa Darbyshire (5)
Rating 5.0
Laura Brady
23rd March 2019
We had an amazing time back in March. I posted on the Facebook page a big thank you. Scott was a great host.
Rating 5.0
Lauren Sampson
15th September 2018
We had a really great weekend thanks. The 'sports day' was a particular highlight - I'd be sure to consider this again for any future Hen weekends, or just weekends away with friends.
  • Lauren Sampson 1
  • Lauren Sampson 2
  • Lauren Sampson 4

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