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Life Drawing Art Classes in Liverpool

Looking to join a group of like-minded artists and try out some life drawing in Liverpool? We’ve listed some of the best classes the city has to offer below where you can learn new skills and develop your abilities!

The best way to improve on your life drawing skills and overall artistic ability in general is to practice, practice, practice! What better way to do this and meet new people than with one of the amazing life drawing classes in Liverpool we’ve listed below?

3 Places in Liverpool Running Life Drawing Art Classes

Life Art Drawing Classes in Liverpool  - Drink & Draw Drop in Classes

1. Drink & Draw - Drop in Classes

Make Liverpool’s popular “Drink & Draw” life drawing classes are hosted at their event space in the North Docks area of the city. Noted for being open and welcoming to novice artists and those who are trying out life drawing for the first time, this particular class takes place in the venue’s bar area where you can enjoy a glass of wine with some cheese during your class, especially if you’re a bit nervous starting out! Classes take place once a month and their affordability make them a fantastic choice for both experts and beginners alike.

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Unit 1, 34 Regent St. | Website

Life Art Drawing Classes in Liverpool - Williamson Gallery Monthly Class

2. Williamson Gallery - Monthly Class

Taking place once a month, the Williamson Art Gallery in Birkenhead hosts an evening life drawing class that has enough space to accommodate up to thirty people and runs for around two hours. This is a great session for those looking to start out or improve on what they already know about life drawing and is a great place to meet new people who may be of a similar skill level, as well as learning from more experienced artists on their tricks and techniques. Learn more about figure drawing models here.

Williamson Art Gallery & Museum, Slatey Rd

Life Art Drawing Classes in Liverpool - Sefton Art Group Monthly Class

3. Sefton Art Group -Monthly Class

Hosted as an all-day session, this particular life drawing class runs though the basics in model measurement techniques and the fundamentals of observation before giving you the floor to let you practice and develop your artistic skills using pencil, charcoal and eventually onto painting and adding colour. Whether you’re a seasoned life drawing veteran or just starting out as an artist, this is the perfect hands-on class to focus a lot of time on rapid improvement.

St Thomas’ Church, Lydiate | Website

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