GPS City Treasure Hunt Team Building

GPS City Treasure Hunt Team BuildingIf you’re looking to bring your team together with a fun and unique team building activity, a smartphone city treasure hunt team building activity is ideal to build relationships while giving your team some fun they deserve after their hard work. With a variety of puzzles, quizzes and challenges this teambuilding experience is the perfect balance between light hearted fun and a chance to get to know colleagues!

This is an activity that everyone can get involved with, working together to answer trivia and solve some puzzles all focused on the city of you choose. All of this combined makes a great activity for team building, as your colleagues are able to problem solve together and build relationships while thinking, like they would do at work. The smartphone city treasure hunt can be activated at any time of day in your chosen city, giving you a lot of freedom with how you want your team building event to go specifically.

Another point that makes it an ideal team building activity is that there is a goal, to win! You will be provided with live scoreboards of all the other teams competing on that day and be able to have some fighting talk with them, as well as post selfies and team names to inject a bit of friendly competition into the activity. You can also split your team into smaller teams so you can compete against each other and maybe even add some prizes and forfeits.

The actual treasure hunt will take you approximately 2 hours, while you roam round your chosen city location looking for clues, unlocking puzzles and learning some facts about famous landmarks, local celebrities and weird but wonderful trivia of the city. The smartphone city treasure hunt team building activity is everything you will need in order to help your team build some relati­on­ships, get to know each other and learn how to work together towards an end goal.

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