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The Geordie Games
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  • £45.00

Activity Details

  • Enjoy 9 wacky games
  • A hilarious Geordie Theme
  • Totally unique group activity
  • Fully organised for you

Spend the day enjoying the wacky and wonderful Geordie games for groups in Newcastle, a new take on group activities that’s sure to get everyone involved in the inflatable fun. If you’re looking for a show stopping experience that can basically fit every occasion, every group and every age, it doesn’t get much better than a few hours of bouncing, bumping and competing with teams to come out on top! With 9 different and ridiculous games for the whole group to sink their teeth into, you won’t be short of exciting challenges with this event.

What’s Included

  • Bring out the Geordie in you with these 9 wacky and hilarious games
  • All Geordie-inspired fun
  • A friendly host will guide your event
  • Inflatables and equipment included
  • A prize offered for the winners
  • 2-3-hour experience
  • Wear loose, old clothing – fancy dress is always welcome!
  • Unfortunately, we can’t permit pregnant ladies to take part in this activity
  • During winter months games might be held indoor - ask when booking

From the Kebab Shop Duel to a bit of classic Geordie Racing, the Geordie games for groups in Newcastle has proved to be a popular choice when it comes to groups just wanting some silly old fun. As the cherry on top, the whole group experience will be organised for you, and the day will be ran by your very own events co-ordinator, who will be on hand to keep the scores in check and keep everyone motivated as they tackle the huge and hilarious inflatables.

The Geordie Ale Run – Get strapped in and leg it up the bungee lane towards the ale bottles, trying your best to place ale bottles on the wall before you get flung back to the start by the bungee!

Kebab Shop Duel – A staple for any night out up the toon, two of your team will fight against each other attempting to knock each other’s huge fake heads off!

On Ya Bike – Test your reaction times with this classic sweeper game! One person rotates the sweeper while several others try their best to jump over it. If you get knocked out, it’s someone else’s turn to face the wrath of the sweeper arm.

Geet Massive Sumos – Four of your group will get suited and booted into huge sumo suits, hop onto the mat and try their best to push each other off and be the last one standing.

Geordie Racing – Get racing ya radgies! Five of your team will hop onto the big walking tubes and hop your way to the finish line, trying to beat out the other team to victory!

Sling Ya Hook – Line up and get ready to test your aim. Throw the rope rings onto the pegs, and try your best to score as many points as possible.

Mortal Pitch & Toss – In teams, try your best to throw the coins towards the 2 boards, attempting to get as close as you can in order to collect the most points. Sound easy? Try doing it with a pair of drunk goggles on ya heed!

Larn Yerself Geordie – Similar to the iconic battleships, teams of five will try to match the sayings and slang words the fastest, shouting the Geordie saying to win.

Ya Ganna Get Clarty – This is your classic Mr & Mrs Quiz – Geordie style! Grill one person in your group with questions about their future babe. If they get an answer wrong? They get covered in Newcastle’s finest bevvy.

Extra Info:

  • Unfortunately, we can’t permit pregnant ladies to take part in this activity
  • Seasonal between Spring and Autumn


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