Electric Shock Football for Groups in Glasgow

Electric Shock Football
  • £29.95

Activity Details

  • Latest crazy football game
  • Electric shock each other
  • Hilarious fun
  • Venue hire included

What’s Included

  • Latest crazy football game
  • Play electric shock football games
  • Includes 10 shock devices, bibs and footballs
  • Very funny activity
  • Variety of mini games
  • Two players from each 5 a side team are in charge of the devices
  • Everyone rotates to take a turn at shocking each other
  • Includes an event co-ordinator
  • Bottle of bubbly for winning team

Head to the thriving Scottish birthday party hub that is Glasgow for a birthday party experience that none of you will never forget. The Glasgow electric shock football birthday party is an incredibly fun and unique experience and a must-do birthday party activity for any birthday girl looking for something a little different.

The Glasgow electric shock football birthday party is just your standard game of 5-a-side, except you’ve got a shock collar round your leg which can go off at any time and turn your legs to jelly. Two people from either team will be sitting aside with a remote control which they can activate at any time to give players a small shock.

Don’t worry the though. The shockers and the players are all in rotation so everyone will get a chance to get a chance to be in control of the buzzers. It makes for tremendous and unpre­dic­table fun. Everyone is at the mercy of the shockers, even the ref!As well as the main game of 5-a-side you’ll also be playing some fun mini-games. They add a ton more variety and fun to really complete the day. The event is fully co-ordinated and venue hire is also included, letting you avoid all the hassle and just focus on the fun stuff.

The Glasgow Electric shock football birthday party is a fantastic birthday party activity which absolutely anyone can get involved with. You could be a pro football and you’d still have no advantage over anyone else! It is not a game of skill, it’s a game of laughs.­Perhaps the best thing of all, the winning team will get to take home their very own lovely bottle of bubbly to celebrate their victory!

For a totally unique and fun-filled birthday party experience that none of you will never forget, it doesn’t get much better than the Glasgow electric shock football birthday party!


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