Crystal Challenge Team Building in Windsor

Crystal Challenge
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Activity Details

  • Physical & mental tasks
  • Large, full day event
  • Compete in zones
  • Crystal dome finale

Become champions of the dome in the crystal collection team building in Windsor. Inspired by the TV gameshow of a similar name, it’s your task to collect valuable crystals across a series of varied challenges and games. Different groups are competing for first place and must use a wide range of skills to successfully deal with the challenges that lie ahead of them. Expect both physical and mental abilities to be used so you’ll need a good mix of different people with different skills.

What’s Included

  • Enthusiastic event management team on the day
  • Game host to run the day
  • A variety of physical, mental and problem-solving challenges
  • Different zones
  • Well maintained equipment
  • Inflatable Crystal Dome Finale
  • Medal ceremony
  • Full risk assessments


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