Cocktail Class & Cheeky Butler at Accom­moda­tion Hen Party in Barcelona

Cocktail Class & Cheeky Butler at Accommodation
  • £47.50

Activity Details

  • Hot hunky butler
  • Bubbly for the group
  • Cocktail making class
  • Play games, create drinks

Booze, bums and banter is exactly what the bride to be ordered for her hen weekend, and it’s exactly what you’ll get with the cocktail class and cheeky butler at accom­moda­tion hen party in Barcelona. While you’re living it large in the Spanish capital, dive into a classic mobile cocktail class all in the comfort of your own accom­moda­tion. You won’t be creating three delicious cocktails alone, a hunky make butler will be on hand to show you the ropes, pour you the bevs and play a few cheeky games with the group while serving some much-needed male eye candy for the evening!

What’s Included

  • Mobile cocktail class at your accom­moda­tion
  • You'll learn to make 3 tasty cocktails
  • As well as running the cocktail making class he'll also play games and serve drinks as a buff butler.
  • Handsome and sophis­ticated with the body to match
  • Accom­moda­tion must be in Barcelona
  • Typical start time is 7:30pm
  • If staying at a hotel then permission for this event must be sought from the hotel in advance


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