Chain Reaction Team Building in Sheffield

Chain Reaction
  • Chain Reaction
  • Chain Reaction Activity
  • Chain Reaction Challenge
  • Chain Reaction Event
  • Chain Reaction Experience

Activity Details

  • Encourages team cooperation
  • Design & build simple tasks
  • Link chain sections together
  • Produces a domino reaction

Can you complete our chain reaction team building in Sheffield? Learn to work together, communicate efficiently and collaborate to make a truly impressive chain reaction. A popular choice of activity for another year running, chain reaction is a fun and friendly-competitive event that everyone can get involved in and bring out their design and creative side all whilst bonding with colleagues and having a laugh.

Last but by no means least, another key factor of this fun filled event is the inclusive and colla­borative element. This unique workshop will show you the value of each individual member towards the final product.

What’s Included

  • Use creative skill and solve problems
  • Start with a briefing as to how the day will run
  • Teams must work together to build the ultimate chain reaction
  • Each team will design and build their own section of the overall challenge
  • Even though you’re working in individual teams you must ultimately work collectively together to complete the challenge.
  • Fully managed event
  • Inclusive team building activity
  • Each team will prove whether their teamwork element has paid off as in the final test, if it all works, your chain reaction will set off a confetti canon!


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