Best Vegan Restaurants in Cardiff

Best Vegan Restaurants in Cardiff

Sometimes looks can be deceiving and what you think is a juicy burger is actually the ultimate vegan burger.

And that can definitely be said for all these tasty vegan restaurants in Cardiff. Keep your time in the Welsh capital as stress free as possible and before you go have a browse through some of the best vegan restaurants in Cardiff. And with all of the vegan food available in Cardiff it can be hard deciding where to head. So we’ve made things easier for you with a list of the top 6 restaurants in the city!

Best Vegan Restaurants in Cardiff - Anna-Loka

1. Anna-Loka

Anna-Loka is known for being Cardiff’s first 100% vegan café, so if you are looking for a place right in the centre of this Welsh capital here will be perfect for you. They pride themselves in being a firm favourite for vegans and all food lovers in general. Here you can go and experience some extremely delicious vegan food. Inside the café you can enjoy an extremely relaxed and friendly environment that everyone will enjoy.

114 Albany Rd | Website

Best Vegan Restaurants in Cardiff - Crumbs Kitchen

2. Crumbs Kitchen

Another place for vegan food in the centre of Cardiff is Crumbs Kitchen. They like to prove to all their customers that vegetarian and vegan food doesn’t have to be boring! They create healthy, tasty homemade dishes that are perfect for breakfast and lunch. As well as their indoor space where you can enjoy your food there is also some outdoor seating areas that will be perfect during the spring and summer months. And to make things even better, they have a takeaway service.

33 Morgan Arcade | Website

Best Vegan Restaurants in Cardiff - The Lazy Leek

3. The Lazy Leek

The Lazy Leek likes to show people that cutting out meat and dairy doesn’t mean that your cutting out any delicious flavours. Overall, The Lazy Leek specialises in vegan based street food. All of their ingredients are locally sourced and you can find a whole range of delicious food here. From burgers all the way to delicious cakes. They are a local family business that has been in the catering business for many years so it’s safe to say that they know what they’re talking about.

183A Kings Rd Yard, Kings Rd | Website

Best Vegan Restaurants in Cardiff - Wild Thing

4. Wild Thing

Not only is Wild Thing a completely vegan café, it’s also a place that has goals to get more people eating veg, reduce the environmental impact and fight food poverty. So if your all for these goals that they have then it would be great to head there for breakfast or lunch to support them! They’re always improving their menus and ensuring that they are finding new ways to cook all the delicious dishes that they make.

104 Clare Rd | Website

Best Vegan Restaurants in Cardiff - Greazy Vegan

5. Greazy Vegan

If you’re looking for some vegan junk food, we can’t think of any place better than Greazy Vegan. Everything that you can enjoy here too is 100% vegan so you don’t have to worry about a thing. You will be able to tuck into some delicious burgers, wings, hot dogs, they even do their own kebab! As well as heading inside and getting some food you can also order your food on Deliveroo!

47-49 Castle Arcade | Website

Best Vegan Restaurants in Cardiff - The Vegan Box

6. The Vegan Box Limited

The Vegan Box Limited is another place that has been created by owners who have a vegan lifestyle and want to show others how fun and tasty it can actually be. Using their own Seitan recipe, they can create their own donor meat, burgers, baps, quesadillas and more! It’s the perfect place to head if you want to enjoy some delicious Vegan alternatives or to learn how tasty it can actually be having a Vegan lifestyle.

5 Pentrebane St | Website

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