18th Birthday Ideas in London

18th Birthday Party Ideas in London

You’ve finally turned 18. It's finally time to say goodbye to those fake ID’s, but where to go to celebrate this momentous occasion?

Go big or go home we say and a birthday party in London would be as good as you'd expect it to be since it’s the capital. You can find pretty much the best of the best in the country for anything here from bars to activities. There's plenty of London birthday ideas to suit anyone both unique and with an overload of choice. Take a gander at the best nightlife areas, activities and 18th birthday party venues in London.

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What Are the Best Nightlife Areas in London for Your 18th Birthday?

London is the kind of all-out party capital you’d expect with all the glitz and glamour you’d want on a birthday night out. However, we’d be lying if we said it wasn’t pricey. But wait! Don’t cancel your plans just yet, there’s plenty of ways to cut off London’s expensive price tag and have a fantastic time without breaking the bank.

It can be affordable if you know where to look. To save you the effort and to make things easier for you, we have found some of the best priced bars and clubs in London. They all have a happy hour too, so this will help you with some London birthday ideas whilst not costing you too much.

1. Soho

Soho is located in London’s enter­ta­inment fuelled West End district and houses many quirky bars and pubs and has one of the best energetic scenes in the city. You’ll find everything from the well-loved BrewDog to cosy cocktail bars like Swift and even the very approp­ri­ately named Bar Soho. This area doesn’t fall short of upbeat clubs either with Club 49 offering some of the craziest nightlife scenes in London with all the latest tunes and themed rooms.

There’re loads of restaurants offering cuisine from all over the globe across the area which are conveniently located near to some of the city’s best bars. Soho is also famous for its risqué vibe where you can find burlesque shows and plenty of LGBT friendly bars. Convent Garden is another great nightlife area which we’ll get onto in a bit.

Soho London

2. Leicester Square

Next door to the energetic Soho is Leicester Square, arguably one of the most renowned names you’ve definitely heard of before. You’ll find plenty of restaurants here as well as shops and bars.

From nationwide favourites like All Bar One to independents like Zoo Bar & Club, we’re certain there’s something for all tastes here. Icon Balcony Bar is a 100% great shout if you want unique cocktails and a terrace overlooking the city or there’s The Light Lounge, a haven also filled with cocktails and fancy décor.

For cheeky gentlemen turning 18, Platinum Lace is one of the more well known venues in the area and serves as London’s number 1 voted strip club. If you want a chilled out night with your mates then the contemporary and cosy The Perception may want to come at the top of your list.

Leicester Square London

3. Covent Garden

The West End really is the only place to go and party in London if you’re wanting nothing but the best time possible. Covent Garden is another area in this district that is big on party other than being known for its fashion and beauty store history.

In between the array of award-winning restaurants and theatres, there’s plenty of bars, pubs and clubs to pop your nose into. Take the classy Eve Bar for example- stylish from wall to wall with an incredible chilled out atmosphere serving cocktails all night long.

Jacko is one of the best nightclubs in the area and perfect for an 18th birthday party with all the best tunes, a youthful vibe and reserved seating for the whole group. There’s a lot of comedy clubs to choose from if you want a good laugh with your drinks.

Covent Garden London

Top 18th Birthday Venues in London

Dirty Martini - Renowned as the ‘go to’ bar in Covent Garden, this stylish and contemporary basement venue is a New York themed which prides itself in serving classy cocktails and martinis.

Ruby Blue Bar - A combination of restaurant, bar and club, this venue features smart themed rooms with grand ceilings and comfort mixed in with the contem­porary.

The Roxy - A student-friendly basement bar where plenty of people around the age of 18 go to party along with plenty of promotions and indie/pop nights.

Patch, St Pauls - A cocktail bar and restaurant with happy hour running Tuesday through to Fridays. A colourful and quirky modern décor makes this place stand out from the rest and there’s party packages available so you can feel like a true VIP.

Decorations for Your 18th Birthday in London

An 18th birthday in London should be celebrated by pulling all the stops out, balloons, banners, the lot! We have had a browse and put together a few of our favourite decorations you could use.

Personalised Custom Bunting Banner

Personalised Custom Birthday Banner

Hello 18 Rose Gold Balloons

Hello 18 Balloons

18th Mixed Balloons

18th Birthday Mixed Balloons

Gold 18th Party Decorations

Gold 18th Birthday Party Decorations

18th Balloon Bundle

18th Birthday Balloon Bundle

Time to Adult Banner & Balloon Kit

Time to Adult Birthday Banner & Balloon Kit

What Activities Can You Do For a 18th Birthday Party in London?

Of course you can plan out your own 18th birthday party in London but if you are wanting something extra to add we have a list of some amazing activities that are available in the capital. Have a read through them below and see if any take your fancy!

1. Cocktail Making

Have the chance to create your own drinks with our cocktail making for groups in London! Mix and shake a variety of fun drinks together in a city centre bar. You will have a mixologist with you who will teach you everything you need to know.

2. Pizza Making

Whether you are a pizza lover or not everyone is going to love creating their own with the pizza making for groups in London! You will have all the ingredients and equipment you’ll need to create your delicious food.

3. Escape Rooms

With the escape rooms for groups in London you will test a range of different skills as you work out how to escape a room in under 60 minutes. There will be different tasks, riddles, challenges and more that you will need to solve.

4. Smartphone Pub Treasure Hunt

The smartphone pub treasure hunt for groups in London would be a great addition to any day drinking plans you may be thinking of. Go around a few pubs as you complete different challenges to earn points that will go to your overall score.

Game Ideas For An 18th Birthday Party

Never Have I Ever – Take it in turns to say a statement and if it applies to you, drink.

Cards Against Humanity – A great game that is hilarious after a few drinks, you can buy it here.

Beer/­Prosecco Pong – See who has the best aim as you try to get the other team drunk first!

Banned Words – Put a list together of words that are banned from the party, if you say one you drink!

18th Birthday Party Accessories

Celebrate turning 18 with the help of some amazing accessories. Especially if you’re wanting to head out for your birthday you want to make sure everyone knows it’s your special day!

Eighteen Sash

Birthday Sash

18th Button Badge

18th Birthday Button Badge

Number Badges

Number Badges

Rose Gold 18th Birthday Sash

Rose Gold 18 Birthday Sash

Need some more inspiration?

We have so many fun London group activities that will be perfect for any type of group. But if you aren’t sold on London we have 35+ UK locations for you to choose from.

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