What to Take on a Hen Weekend

What to Pack for a Hen Party

When all the hen party ideas are booked and the countdown is on, it’s time to think about what you’re taking on the weekend.

10 Essentials for a Hen Weekend

Striking the balance between overpacking, under-packing and forgetting the essentials is an art in itself. To help you get started, we’ve listed a quick rundown of what to take on a hen weekend so you don’t find yourself stressed and emergency buying!

1. Hen Party Decorations

It’s a celebration! Make sure you pack a few little decorations to complete the weekend, whether that be some subtle bunting or willy straws and giant foil balloons!

2. The Ultimate Playlist

Music is the key to any hen do running smoothly, but no one wants to hear your ‘driving to work’ playlist while they’re trying to celebrate. Try downloading the ultimate hen party playlist full of girl power crackers and iconic tunes.

3. Phone Chargers

Whether you’re glued to your phone or not, having a phone charger at hand is an essential. How can you take photos of the stunning bride to be on her night without it?

4. First Aid Kit

Just to be safe, we suggest purchasing a little first aid kit in case things get a little out of hand. Even just a few plasters, paracetamol and bandages will do the trick.

5. Games, Games & More Games!

To keep the spirits high throughout the whole do, grab some of the best hen party games to take with you. These are perfect for filling in the gaps or kicking off the night with a bang.

6. Outfit Changes

You never know what might happen when you get a group of girls together with a lot of champagne. It’s good to be prepared with a couple of outfit changes in case of downpours (unpre­dic­table British weather) or spillages.

7. Handbag Essentials

One mistake people make is emptying their handbag and re-packing it. Don’t over-complicate things! Any essential like lip balm, purse, ID, snacks or a mirror that are always in your handbag make sure you take with you.

8. Toiletries

Although an obvious one, when you’re in the middle of all the wedding chaos sometimes it’s the simple things that can get overlooked. Double check your deodorant and toothbrush before you head off.

9. Food & Drink

Often, you’ll find food and drink in a hen party survival kit or goodie bag, but live life on the safe side and bring a few of your own snacks, bottled water and booze just in case.

10. Hangover Kit

Both a fun extra and also a life saver, if you have a night planned it’s wise to pack a hangover kit! We’re talking chewing gum, energy drinks and paracetamol – not too mention sunglasses for when you brave the outdoors. See more hangover cures advice.


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