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Virtual Rogue Agent
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Activity Details

  • Secret agent tasks
  • Breakout grouping
  • Remote teamwork
  • Clues & evidence included

What Is the Virtual Rogue Agent Experience?

Work virtually together in small breakout groups to bring a rogue MI5 agent to justice! As the new members of the agency, you’ve been trusted to collate evidence against the agent and catch him before it’s too late. This event is hosted by experienced actors and run over Zoom or other similar software of your choice. Everyone will have access to the Government secret online portal to aid your team in their search.

What’s Included

  • Help the MI5 find the untru­stworthy rogue agent!
  • You are new recruits to the agency
  • Access to the Government’s secret online portal
  • Work together, collate evidence
  • Hosted by experienced actors
  • Groups size up to 250 per session
  • Break into groups of 6 people
  • Run through Zoom (other software is fine)
  • Fun, action packed game
  • Timed event


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