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Virtual Musical Bingo
  • Virtual Musical Bingo
  • Virtual Musical Bingo Activity
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Activity Details

  • Super fun event
  • Interactive live DJ host
  • Non-stop music hits
  • Professional setup

What is Virtual Music Bingo?

Think…TV game show meets musical bingo. Non-stop interaction from your chatty host provides lots to see and hear. Up to 60 minutes will fly by with warm up music quiz questions before eyes down and into your musical bingo. The numbers have been swapped with musical song tracks to mark off. The winner shouts Bingo!

Played over online video software like Zoom or MS Teams, the DJ host will entertain your group with hits from the 60's, 70's, 80's, 90's and 00's.

What’s Included

  • The best virtual musical bingo for teams working remotely!
  • The interactive live DJ host will create an upbeat mood
  • Start with a fun music quiz
  • Before its eyes down to play musical bingo
  • Everyone will have access to a digital bingo card on their smartphone / device
  • Using Zoom or other video conferencing software to communicate and play together
  • Popular hits from around the world, one hit wonders and legendary artists
  • Keep your ears open and fingers at the ready to mark off your bingo card
  • Creative activity to engage people through the power of music
  • Duration is between 45-60mins
  • We can accommodate groups up to 250 participants per session
  • FAQ’s are further down the webpage

How Does the Virtual Musical Bingo work on the day?

Our interactive remote host will get your group fired up with a warmup music quiz before its eyes down and into your musical bingo.  All your guests will be able to access a digital bingo card on their smartphone / device. They simply tap or click when they recognise the music tracks being played.

Hits from around the world, through the decades, one hit wonders or music legends are
mixed so it’s ears open and fast fingers needed for the lines, corners and of course, full

Players can’t help but sing along, tap feet and even dance. There’s also a prize for best air
guitar! Let us bring the party to you and engage your people through the power of music.

Why play music bingo online?

It’s an effective way to get groups having fun together as a team, even when they are based at home. Our virtual bingo game has everyone able to interactive and have fun with each through video conferencing software like Zoom.

The virtual musical bingo is one of our best morale boosting virtual team events.  Its like having a shot in the arm of fun and laughter to ultimately keep that bond strong within your team.

Perfect as an icebreaker, energiser or evening event.

How to play musical bingo on zoom?

A stable internet connection, a laptop or desktop computer on which to join the Zoom conference call and either a smartphone or tablet device on which to have the digital bingo card. If you want to use MS teams or other video software then just let us know.

The same rules apply as per the normal bingo game, but instead of numbers its musical tracks.

How long does the musical bingo online last for?

The experience a duration between 45-60mins.

Is Virtual musical bingo suitable for Christmas parties?

Absolutely. music bingo was very popular last year for virtual Christmas parties.  It’s the ideal way to celebrate the festive period with your colleagues. Our fully interactive live DJ will keep your group entertained.

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