Thumb Master Drinking Game

Thumb Master Stag Do Drinking Game

A true test of attention and reaction times, thumb master is a fast paced and thrilling drinking game perfect for all celebrations.

If you’re searching for a simple, stress free and mobile drinking game to play with your friends whilst on your stag do, then thumb master will be right up your street. You can play this hilarious game wherever you find yourselves at, whether that’s a bar, at home or on the celebration! As long as there is some alcohol around, you and your friends will be sorted. Simply nominate a thumb master and let the anticipation and competition begin.

What is the Thumb Master Drinking Game?

When it comes to the thumb master drinking game, there isn’t too much for you and the lads to try and get your heads around. This stag do game is a test of attention, reaction time, memory and downing skills, hence why it’s perfect for pre drinks, boozing at a bar and celebrating. Thumb master can be played as an individual game on its own or combined with other drinking games to make things more intense!

What You Will Need to Play Thumb Master

  • Your thumbs
  • Alcohol
  • A group of friends

How to Play Thumb Master

This epic game is easy to get to grips with which means even if you and the lads are already boozed up, you won’t have a problem playing! To start off the game, you need to gather the guys together and nominate an individual to be the thumb master. Whenever he feels like it, the thumb master will place his thumb down on the edge of a table and everyone else must realise and then do the same. The last person to copy the thumb master or doesn’t do it at all must completely down their drink! This person then becomes the thumb master, and the game continues!

Thumb Master Rules

As the thumb master drinking game is so simple and easy to play, you and the lads can put your own twist on the game by making your own rules. Why not make things harder by placing a rule that the thumb master can put his thumb down anywhere rather than just a table? To keep the lads laughing, you could write down some dares and put them in a bowl, whoever is the last to put their thumb down has to drink their alcohol and choose a dare!

Ring of Fire

Thumb master is widely known for being part of the famous Ring of Fire drinking game. The thumb master rule comes into play when a number 4 card is picked. You can use thumb master as a fun drinking game on its own or you can take the plunge and play ring of fire itself. You have complete control over how the game goes, so prepare to get drunk and have heaps of fun!

When To Play Thumb Master?

There are no limits as to when you can play thumb master! All you need to do is ensure there is alcohol around for someone to drink as a forfeit. This means you can play this drinking game at a bar, in a restaurant, in a nightclub, at home and much more! So, regardless the celebration there is always a time to include this epic drinking game into your plans. After thumb master we're sure you will be feeling pretty tender so make sure you've read through our top hangover curing breakfasts and use them in the morning.

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