The Detective Team Building Activity in Coventry

The Detective
  • The Detective
  • The Detective Team Building
  • The Detective Team Building Activity
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Activity Details

  • Thrilling crime investigation
  • Solve cryptic clues
  • Forensic & FBI techniques
  • Meet with informants

Make the most of your next event where the entire workforce can become fully immersed in the murky world of crime in the detective team building activity in Coventry. This exhilarating event puts participants in the shoes of Scotland Yard detectives as they learn that a precious gold bullion has been stolen from a deceased man’s office, and it’s up to you to get to the bottom of it! After receiving a short briefing on the crime and a few suspects that have flagged up, you will need to take to the streets in the city centre to uncover clues, evidence and perform surveillance on suspects. You will need to meet a police informant to extract further information before learning how real-world cases are solved using FBI photofit software and powder fingerprint analysis that will eventually bring the culprit to justice!

What’s Included

  • Immerse your team into the life of a police detective for 3 hours
  • Challenge your team with a crime case that needs solving
  • Use modern forensic techniques and FBI software
  • Gets the team out and exploring the city centre location
  • Hunt down clues, meet up with a police informer and decipher clues to crack the case
  • Promotes beneficial skills such as leadership, problem solving, collaboration and more
  • Suitable for groups of 5 or more participants
  • Can travel to your venue


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