The Betrayers Team Building in Edinburgh

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Activity Details

  • Mind-boggling challenges
  • Trust your gut!
  • Secret competition
  • Who will survive?

What is Included in the Betrayers Team Building Event?

The Betrayers team building event in Edinburgh begins with your group being welcomed by the host who will take you into the banishment room. You’ll be seated around a table which is where there will be several secretely selected as betrayers. Then it’s time to take on four different challenges including riddles and scavenger hunts, but during this time it’s crucial to discover who the saboteurs are. Once you have your suspicions, you can voice it around the table after the challenges as this is where you will banish the players. If a betrayer is left at the end of the game, they will emerge victorious.

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What’s Included

  • Play a game of detection with your trusted companions
  • Play through 4 challenges in groups
  • Each group will have several saboteurs they need to uncover
  • Choose a player you think is a betrayer at the end of each challenge
  • Challenges include mental and physical tasks
  • Earn coins throughout for your group
  • Timed challenges add competition
  • Correctly identify all the betrayers before the final round
  • All equipment included
  • Event host provided
  • Venue finding service available


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