Team Building Events in Kendal

Team Building Events in Kendal

Kendal Team Building Ideas

With all of the opportunities available you and your staff are bound to love all of the team building in Kendal ideas. Whether you are wanting to improve staff retention or increase morale you will be able to do so with one of these activities. It’s the perfect way to get employers and employees out of the office and having some fun together. Especially if you try out an outdoor activity.

Team Building Activities in Kendal

Just a hop, skip and jump away from the Lake District, you’ll find the town of Kendall sitting on the South of the district. With six miles between the town and the popular region, it’s a great place to hold base for your activities.

Alternatively, if you’re an office that are based in Kendal or the surrounding areas you might not have unlocked the town’s maximum potential when it comes to events. Get your whole workforce out of the office and stuck into something fun, motivating and effective in hitting your goals.

With a bunch of the classic outdoor activities that the Lake District is known for as well as experiences that can come to your office, restaurants for meals and a few quaint pubs for an after-activity drink, you can organise a complete away day here in this inconspicuous town.

Top 10 Team Building Activities in Kendal

1. Treasure Hunts

Ensure you get to explore Kendal in all its glory by using a unique smartphone app that injects some friendly competition into your event. Themes include pub, Christmas, spy school & more!

2. Chain Reaction

Work together with your staff in this fun, interactive event. Everyone’s work will affect your completed chain, so it’s the perfect way to get all the staff thoroughly involved.

3. Retro Showdown

Throwback to when game shows were in their prime and get everyone involved in some entertaining challenges and quizzes based around old school gameshows such as Catchphrase.

4. Soap Box Derby

Split into groups and race to the finish line in a soap box vehicle you made from scratch. With all the resources provided, put your creativity and push power to the test!

5. The Trading Floor

See if you have what it takes to work in stocks. Buy and sell your stocks wisely using initiative and see who has the highest profit at the end.

6. Battle of Olympus

Inspired by the Roman Olympics, you and your staff will battle it out head to head in physically demanding challenges to gain points and hopefully win a prize for being the winners.

7. Krypton Factor

Put your mental agility, general knowledge and physical ability to the ultimate test as they take on a multitude of challenges to earn points and gain extra time for the final task!

8. Pub Olympics

Get ready to compete against each other in a series of mini games! From table football to a buzz wire, the team with the most money at the end will win!

9. Hunt the Apprentice

Inject leadership and creativity to your away day and set your staff the task of creating, marketing and pitching their own product effectively.

10. Stop the Clocks

Race against time in an array of fun and interactive challenges, all in order to finish first and stop the clocks before it’s too late.

Food & Drink Activities in Kendal

Are Food & Drink Activities Good for Mixed Groups?

We’ve heard that the true way to get to know someone is over some good food, so what better way to bond with your staff than some food and drink activities? The great thing about activities that involve any sort of food is that everyone has this in common! Whether you’re opting for a 2-course meal in an informal environment or you want something unique like creating your own pizzas, it’s a great way to get everyone together – and fed!

We’re fairly sure that there’s no easier way to get you completely and utterly engaged in your experience than a bit of good grub. That’s probably why food and drink activities around Kendal are one of the most popular options to choose for events.

Indoor Team Building Events in Kendal

How Effective Are Indoor Team Building Activities?

We don’t blame you if you’re not looking to risk the weather here in the UK, and we’ve built up a massive amount of indoor activities to make sure your event can go ahead come rain or shine!

Indoor experiences are a huge hit and it’s not hard to see why. Whether you want an in-office event, you’ve hired a space or need a venue to hold your staff, you can enjoy loads of unique activities to build into a full away day that’s sure to strike a cord with your whole team. What better way to motivate everyone than a relaxed environment and fun event that you can count on – no matter what time of year.

Outdoor Team Building Events in Kendal

What are the Advantages of Outdoor Activities?

Although the weather can be unpredictable, its clear to see some of the perks that come along with outdoor activities for your whole office. Firstly, they’re actually more likely to fit everyone in! An outdoor space gives you a lot more options and means you can invite your staff from all over the UK to join in on the fun without being over capacity in an indoor venue.

Big, structured outdoor activities lead to full day events, and more time working together and spending time outside of the office is sure to be more effective in the long run. When considering outdoor activities, we can help you find the perfect outdoor space around Kendal or the Lake District.

What Will Team Bonding Activities Achieve?

A common question companies ask about every element of work is “what will this achieve?” We understand spending time and money on something outside of the office has to be effective, so here’s a rundown of some key soft skills you can develop through simple team bonding activities.


Key in activities, but also an essential key soft skill to have in the business. All our experiences are built to encourage communication between co-workers in a fun environment.


Working together is important in everything we do, so look for activities that you can really get the everyone involved with and enjoying their time together.

Problem Solving

Solving issues within a fun environment is the perfect balance between working under pressure while still having fun and seeing how well your staff develops in the process.


The upmost important thing is to create loyalty within the staff to the company and each other, so take your whole group out of office and do something fun and constructive together.

Work Ethic

Effective and engaging events means stronger work ethic, which then breeds productivity and in turn will create loyalty for the company within the work place.

Don't forget other key soft skills worth developing - Problem Solving, Loyalty, Leadership, Innovation, Well-Being, etc.


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