Team Building in Dundee

Team Building in Dundee

Dundee Team Building Ideas

An experience that will not only bring everyone together but improve a variety of different skills to are the Dundee team building ideas. From indoor and outdoor activities to easy ice breakers to include in energisers for meetings. There are a variety of different ways you can increase staff retention, boost morale and overall motivate your office! From treasure hunts to stop the clocks, test your employee’s skills in a number of different ways.

Team Building Activities in Dundee

Just along the coast from Aberdeen and situated just a 90 minute drive north of Edinburgh, Dundee is an historic port city that’s packed full of exciting activities.

Not only are workshops a guaranteed way to improve motivation levels within your workforce, but they also provide management with an insight into their overall performance.

Whether you’re looking to host a busy & action-packed day, or just something to get the staff out of the office, there’s a variety of activities to choose from depending on your goals.

Top 10 Team Building Activities in Dundee

1. Treasure Hunts

Split into smaller groups & go head-to-head, completing challenges & answering trivia in a hunt around Dundee from a smartphone device to collect points & steal the top spot on the live leaderboard.

2. Qubed

Put your strategic skills to the test as you step into the cube, an experience inspired by the hit TV show. With your group, navigate challenging obstacles that will push your limits, but be cautious - one wrong move could be fatal!

3. Den of Dragons

See if you’ve got what it takes to successfully design, pitch and market your own product idea by creating logos, prototypes and more in this creative team experience.

4. Challenge 100

Complete a series of games using your mental agility with the tools provided. Develops problem-solving skills in a fun, group working environment.

5. Retro Showdown

Complete with props and themes, battle against others in a series of retro gameshow challenges. Based on famous TV gameshows that test general knowledge.

6. Smartphone Christmas Treasure Hunt

Get in the festive mood by exploring the city centre, completing challenges and puzzles, and even stopping off at pub hotspots on the way! All ran through a clever smartphone app that includes hotspots and a live scoreboard.

7. Stop the Clocks

Compete in groups through a series of construction challenges, puzzles and relays against the clock. Your employees must choose what tasks they do and in what order to save time and win the first-place medal.

8. Master of the Tasks

Take on a host of weird and wonderful tasks and challenges in a bid to win as many points as possible!

9. Chain Reaction

Put your group’s creative and problem-solving skills to the test by building a huge chain reaction run, with each team designing a specific section.

10. Thriller Challenge

Learn some amazing dance moves with the help of West End choreographers and see if you have what it takes to transform into a zombie.

Food & Drink Activities in Dundee

Are Food & Drink Activities Good for Mixed Groups?

Looking to get your staff out of the office, but don’t fancy planning an extravagant away day? You should take food and drink activities into consideration. Not only are they cost-efficient ways of getting your staff together to try something new and exciting, but they require very little planning for you as the organiser.

Indoor Team Building Events in Dundee

How Effective Are Indoor Team Building Activities?

If you’re planning on hosting an activity day that is more focused on challenging your team based on mental agility, creativity and/or problem solving ability then there’s a variety of indoor activities to choose from for your next away day. It’s a great way to avoid the unpredictable weather too!

Outdoor Team Building Events in Dundee

What are the Advantages of Outdoor Activities?

If you want to make the most of the good weather and get your staff active and out in the open, or you’re hosting a large number of participants for your away day, hosting your activities outdoors is going to be your best option.

What Will Team Bonding Activities Achieve?

Giving your staff the opportunity to acquire and develop a number of soft skills, from leadership to communication, is key to maintaining an efficient and successful business. It is a worthy investment spending time and money on activity days as the skills and motivation gained will make a lasting positive impression on your employees.


Key in activities, but also an essential key soft skill to have in the business. All our experiences are built to encourage communication between co-workers in a fun environment.


Working together is important in everything we do, so look for activities that you can really get the everyone involved with and enjoying their time together.

Positive Team Dynamics

Get your staff moving as one by developing positive dynamics within your whole team, and extinguishing any issues there may be to improve people’s happiness and work output in the work place.


We know business' would fall flat without productivity, so make sure you’re consistently developing this skill across your staff with positive actions and activities.

Work Ethic

Effective and engaging means stronger work ethic, which then breeds productivity and in turn will create loyalty for the company within the work place.

Including a variety of other soft skills worth developing - Problem Solving, Loyalty, Leadership, Innovation, Well-Being, etc.


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