Team Building Events in Burnley

Team Building Events in Burnley

Burnley Team Building Ideas

By incorporating team building in Burnley into your event you will be able to immerse yourself into something beneficial for your employers and employees alike. Whether that be something indoors and creative or perhaps you want to be outdoors and get active. Whatever you end up doing during your team event in Burnley it will increase your employees morale and improve staff retention along with all of the vital soft skills you will find you use in the work place.

Team Building Activities in Burnley

Over the recent years we have seen business bonding events gain a huge popularity in Lancashire.  We think that it’s important to ensure that everybody can enjoy an away day experience no matter where they are. Which is why team building in Burnley is so useful! Situated 21 miles north of Manchester and 20 miles east of Preston, this small Lancashire town is perfect.

Depending on what kind of experience you’re after, we can tailor a vast variety of our events to you and your workforce and Burnley has a range of different places you could host your event in if your office isn’t located there or you just want to get your colleagues out!

With an incredible history that has transformed this town into what it is today, and receiving an Enterprising Britain award from the UK government back in 2013, a Burnley team building event will provide you and your staff with a unique and equally as impressive experience.

Food & Drink Activities in Burnley

Are Food & Drink Activities Good for Mixed Groups?

Nothing brings a company together quite like some food or an after work drink. So incorporating these into your bonding event is a no brainer really. It’s easy to arrange this yourself by booking a table for a restaurant around the corner from the office but is it as engaging and rewarding as a food or drink related activity?

Most of our activities can provide some healthy competition as well as ensuring your colleagues are enjoying themselves, getting creative and bonding as a collective.

Indoor Team Building Events in Burnley

How Effective Are Indoor Team Building Activities?

Although we sell both indoor and outdoor team building activities in Burnley, our indoor are definitely the most popular. Especially when it comes to all of our locations around the UK for the main reason of the weather.

As everybody knows the weather here is unpredictable so by being prepared and planning your event indoors you will be able to ensure you have a successful event from the moment you book it. Another extremely effective event is our virtual team activities!

Outdoor Team Building Events in Burnley

What are the Advantages of Outdoor Activities?

If like most businesses, your business is inside an office for 8 hours, 5 days a week, an outdoor event might be just the thing they need. It gives you all a chance to use your communication skills in a totally new environment.

Outdoor activities are also usually a bit more active which is great for a workforce who are usually sat at a desk. It will ensure to lift everyone’s spirits and encourage them to have some fun together.

What Will Team Bonding Activities Achieve?

With a variety of bonding activities available, you will be able to ensure your employees work together to build and encourage a variety of different skills available. It will take your staff out of the usual working environment and into a new experience.


Key in all activities, but also an essential key soft skill to have in the business. All our experiences are built to encourage communication between co-workers in a fun environment.


Working together is important in everything we do, so look for activities that you can really get the whole workforce involved with and enjoying their time together.

Problem Solving

Solving issues within a fun, energetic environment is the perfect balance between working under pressure while still having fun and seeing how well your employees develops in the process.


We know a workforce would fall flat without productivity, so make sure you’re consistently developing this skill across your colleagues with positive actions and activities.

Work Ethic

Effective and engaging away day means stronger work ethic, which then breeds productivity and in turn will create loyalty for the company within the work place.

Plus many other key soft skills worth noting – Loyalty, Leadership, Innovation, Wellness, Dynamics etc.


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