5 Minute Quick Team Activities

5 Minute Team Building Activities

Looking for some short, sweet yet effective ideas to get your colleagues motivated? Check out some of these activities that are easy to play and quick to get everybody involved.

If you’re looking to warm up the crowd before a conference, break the ice with a fresh new group or you would like to give your coworkers a bit of a breather with a fun energiser, we’ve got a few quick team building activities that might inspire you below!

5 Minute Team Building Activities - The Paper Tower

1. The Paper Tower


  • Give each player a piece of paper
  • Each person has 5-minutes to create the tallest free-standing structure they can with just that piece of paper!
  • Compare and choose a winner

How to Play

This classic energiser can either be tackled individually, in pairs or groups. Each person will be given a piece of paper (newspaper works best!) and their main task is to build the tallest structure they can using just the paper and nothing else. Although this may seem simple on the surface, this activity requires a level of forward-thinking and visualisation of the structure in order for participants to be successful. Not only is this light-hearted energiser a great way to encourage creativity in your squad, but it also brings a level of healthy competition into the mix as well.

5 Minute Team Building Activities - Wink Murder

2. Wink Murder


  • Stand in a circle with as many participants as you like
  • Ask your detective for the game to leave the room
  • Those remaining, select a murderer for this round
  • The detective will stand in the centre of the circle
  • The murder must wink at participants to kill them
  • The aim is for the detective to find the murderer before it’s too late!

How to Play

A game you may remember from your childhood, wink murder is an hilarious game that everybody can get involved in and doesn’t require any extra resources or materials at all. To start the game off, arrange everybody in a large circle so that each person can see everybody else. The host will then pick a murderer before inviting the detective back into the room. From there, the murderer must wink at anybody in the circle as discreetly as possible, causing them to fall to the floor/leave the circle. The detective, standing in the centre of the circle, must use their best initiative and observation skills to determine who the murderer is. This game could be played in a series of rounds, with everybody getting the chance to be murderer, totalling up who has the highest score at the end.

5 Minute Team Building Activities - Evolution

3. Evolution


  • In one large space, get everyone together.
  • Each participant starts off wobbling around like an egg
  • When “eggs” meet each other, they battle with rock, paper, scissors
  • Every win will evolve you through from an egg, to a chicken, chicken to prince/­princess, then to king/queen and finally the champion!
  • Every lose will devolve you back into an egg

How to Play

This is another of those simple and short team building activities that requires no extra resources in order to play, each participant will gather into one large space before sitting down, wrapping their arms around their knees and wobbling around on the floor like an egg! When two eggs bump into each other, they will need to play a game of rock, paper, scissors to determine which one of them will evolve. With each win, the player will evolve until they reach champion status. However, every loss will cause the player to devolve back to egg form! 

5 Minute Team Building Activities - Take What You Need

4. Take What You Need


Gather the staff at a table

Place toilet roll and pennies in the middle

Ask everyone to take as many squares of toilet roll and pennies as they think they’ll need for the activity ahead

The activity? For every piece and penny you took – share an interesting fact about yourselves!

How to Play

An hilarious way to get to know your employees, this simple yet effective icebreaker can be played with as few or as many players as you like. Requiring only a roll of toilet paper, the group will need to be gathered around a table to start off. Then, ask each person to take as many squares of toilet roll as they think they’ll need for the activity ahead without revealing what it’ll be used for. Then, however many squares each person took is how many facts they must then reveal about themselves to the rest of the group! Using a little bit of trickery, you can get to know a great deal about each other in a really short space of time.

5 Minute Team Building Activities - Body Twister

5. Body Twister


Split into groups

Call out a combination of body parts

Each group must work together to only have the body parts you call out touching the floor

Example – You call out 5 feet, two hands and one elbow, then work together to make this possible

How to Play

A more complex take on the classic children’s game Twister, this activity is a funny yet engaging way to get working together and developing their problem-solving skills. Starting off the activity by forming smaller groups, then each group will have to listen to the instructions called out, which will be a list of body parts that are allowed to touch the floor (the rest aren’t allowed!). For example, if the announcer calls out “one foot, one elbow and three hands”, then each of you must work together to make that happen!

5 Minute Team Building Activities - Dressed For The Races

6. Dressed for the Races


  • Split into groups and have each sit in a line
  • Place a pile of random clothes in front of each group, and a cone a far distance away
  • Ready, set, go – each participant must go down the line, dressing in all the clothes and running to and from the cone
  • Tag the next person and away they go until everyone is back and sitting down
  • The first group to complete this wacky race wins

How to Play

Requiring only a bundle of old clothes for each group, this hilarious relay race activity can either be hosted outside or a reasonably sized indoor space. After splitting into smaller squads, each will sit in a line and will have a cone placed a distance away from the person at the front. Between the line and the cone will be a pile of clothes. When the race starts, the first person must rush to the pile of clothes and put every item on over their own clothes. The amount is up to you, but as long as each racer is wearing every piece of clothing, they can progress to the cone and run back to their starting point, taking off the clothes and handing the relay over to the second racer. Those that complete the race first will be named the winners.

5 Minute Team Building Activities - Who Am I?

7. Who Am I?


Write famous names on as many sticky notes as there is participants

Each person will stick one to their forehead

Go around the room asking questions to everyone, trying to figure out who you are

The first person to guess wins!

How to Play

A classic party game that everybody knows and loves, Who Am I? also works great as a quick team building activity as well! Aimed to be a fun and casual activity to get people talking and breaking the ice, each player will receive a sticky note with a famous person’s name on it. Each player will then take it in turns to ask each other questions to try and figure out who’s on their sticky note, with the first person to guess their own correctly being the winner.

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