Team Building in Basingstoke

Team Building in Basingstoke

Basingstoke Team Building Ideas

An opportunity that you can’t miss out on is our Basingstoke team building ideas and experiences. Providing everything you could need for boosting morale, increasing staff retention and over all just having a fun experience with your workforce! Whether you are a business in Basingstoke or you are heading over for your event. You will be able to find some amazing activities and virtual team activities in Basingstoke that will be perfect for your staff.

Team Building Activities in Basingstoke

Basingstoke is a beautiful town in the south of England that is located nearby to Southampton and London, making it the perfect location for everyone who travels from all other the south. A market town since the mid 1600’s, Basingstoke is known for its rich Roman heritage and large amounts of attractions for its visitors.

If you are after a place that is full of the arts, then Basingstoke is brimming with it. From amazing live festivals, to dramatic opera and hilarious comedy performances in The Anvil, Basingstoke will have you covered when it comes to entertainment. If you visit at the right time, you may even be lucky enough to watch their annual kite and balloon festivals.

A city rich in history, Basingstoke is home to many famous buildings and was once home to many iconic historical figures such as the Great Duke of Wellington. Also known as ‘doughnut city’, Basingstoke has a large number of roundabouts within the city, so if you are driving to your event, try not to get too dizzy!

Top 10 Team Building Activities in Basingstoke

1. Treasure Hunts

Get everyone exploring Basingstoke in a unique and entertaining way by hunting clues and taking on trivia and challenges in a race to the number one winning spot all from a smartphone device!.

2. Chain Reaction

Test your communication and problem solving skills as they work together in groups to build small sections of one big chain reaction, in the hopes once put together it will be completely faultless..

3. Retro Showdown

Submerge your staff into old school game shows such as Bullseye, Catchphrase and Wheel of Fortune as they test their quiz brains and battle it out in a race to be the ones with the most points.

4. Soap Box Derby

Design and make real soap box cars working in groups. Once completed then its head to head racing in the best finale ever.

5. Pub Olympics

Informal event playing classic pub games like darts, pool, football table and table tennis. Great for a fun event involving all ages and abilities.

6. Superhero Challenge

Be big kids for the day as you wear hilarious superhero costumes and take on challenging assault courses and giant inflatables collecting energy bars along the way!

7. Wacky Wheels

Unleash your teams’ creative side as build their own wacky wheels and put them to the test on a challenging formula one race in the hopes their wheels successfully stay in one piece.

8. Masterpiece Challenge

This activity is great for improving communication skills as staff need to work together to create the bigger picture, literally.

9.  The Trading Floor

Buy buy buy and sell sell sell stocks and shares during this high energy event. Job roles include finance manager, floor trader.

10. Challenge 100

Test everyone's mental ability as you race against the clock to gain points by successfully completing a variety of games.

Food & Drink Activities in Basingstoke

Are Food & Drink Activities Good for Mixed Groups?

There is not much room for error when it comes to food and drink activities regarding events. So, why not mix it up (literally) from the standard sit down meal and drinks with some creative food and drink activities such as Cocktail Making and Pizza Making.

These types of activities are more beneficial than they may seem, as they promote communication, productivity and creativity in ways that cannot be achieved in the standard office environment.

Indoor Team Building Events in Basingstoke

How Effective Are Indoor Team Building Activities?

We all know how unpredictable weather in the UK can be, and sometimes its not worth the risk of getting absolutely soaked. So, why not opt for a snug indoor activity where you’re guaranteed to not only stay dry and warm, but to also have heaps of fun.

Regardless of whether you want to get creative or active, we have lots of entertaining and rewarding indoor activities that will get the whole team involved and promote cooperation. So, you can look forward to your event without having to worry about any torrential rain! And for the winter months we have some great virtual Christmas party ideas to suit you.

Outdoor Team Building Events in Basingstoke

What are the Advantages of Outdoor Activities?

It is beneficial to give your staff a break from the office from time to time, making outdoor activities a great option as it gives them the chance to be in a completely different environment whist being in the fresh air.

We have a large variety of outdoor activities ranging from physical activities that will get the adrenaline pumping, such as, Archery Battle Zone Tag or Battle Olympus and more casual and creative activities that will create a more relaxed but equally as rewarding environment such as Movie Madness or Commercial Teambreak.

What Will Team Bonding Activities Achieve?

Activities are essential if you want to keep the individuals within your staff motivated, energised and content with their situation. Regardless if the activity is indoor or outdoors, everyone will get involved, encouraging cooperation and communication in a different environment than the office they are used to seeing so often.


Key in activities, but also an essential key soft skill to have in the business. All our experiences are built to encourage communication between co-workers in a fun environment

Positive Team Dynamics

Get everyone moving as one by developing positive dynamics within your whole office, and extinguishing any issues there may be to improve people’s happiness and work output in the work place.

Work Ethic

Effective and engaging events means stronger work ethic, which then breeds productivity and in turn will create loyalty for the company within the work place.

Wellness & Well-being

Looking after your staffs wellness and well-being is important for all the other soft skills and development points, so open dialogue and get to know your staff to create a safe and open space.


We know a office would fall flat without productivity, so make sure you’re consistently developing this skill across your staff with positive actions and activities.

There’s also other skills worth developing – Collaborative, Problem Solving, Loyalty, Leadership, Create, Innovate etc.


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