The 7 Best Vegan Restaurants in Leeds

Best Vegan Restaurants in Leeds

If you’re in Leeds for your stag do make sure to treat yourself to the very best vegan food around the city…

Rather than struggling to hunt down some tasty plant-based flavours, see below the very best vegan restaurants in Leeds – researched and put together by us! We’ve found a mixture of different cuisines and café’s serving top quality, ethically sourced meals to travellers and locals alike. Whether you need a new brunch spot, want a quick lunch or have an occasion you need to celebrate with some good food. These vegan restaurants in Leeds are sure to tantalise your taste buds!

Humpit Bar

1. Humpit Bar

Sleek and simple, Humpit Bar has made a name for itself in Leeds for selling delicious vegan food. From 2014, they’ve created a delicious menu centred around all things hummus. Humpit has multiple locations around Leeds and around the UK – even one in Thorpe Park. You can look forward to an extensive yet simple menu made up of Greek classics and other wraps, pittas and bowls with a twist. They also have a signature iced tea that’s highly recommended to try.

Call Lane | Website

The Greenhouse Horsforth

2. The Greenhouse Horsforth

For high quality light-bites during the day, there's no better place than the Greenhouse Horsforth. This clean and bright cafe has won awards for its exclusively vegan menu. Whether you're a plant-powered queen or you want to stray away from meat-eating, this place is a must-visit in Leeds. Added bonus - they also have a counter of fresh cakes and flapjacks that are different everyday!

Town St, Horsforth | Website


3. Mog’s

Mog’s may be small and sweet to look at, but the food inside really packs a punch when it comes to the vegan food places in Leeds. This small business is just like a regular café with burgers, hot dogs and other indulgent classics – but all made vegan. Mog’s even serves a variety of different fried ‘chicken’ dishes so you can get your fix without having a guilty conscience. Right in the centre of the city, Mog’s isn’t one to miss if you’re visiting Leeds anytime soon.

55 Kirkstall Lane | Website

Oranaise Cafe

4. Oranaise Café

It’s no secret that traditional Mediterranean cuisine is more often than not vegetarian. In the countries of origin, a lot of poorer households eat plant-based on a regular basis, and often adapt classic dishes to be vegan for money reasons. This makes both Moroccan and Mediterranean food a great way to pack some flavour into vegan dishes! Oranaise is the perfect example of this, serving a menu that is specifically vegan outside of their usual menu.

1 The Crescent | Website

The Oxford Place

5. The Oxford Place

The Oxford Place may be the only restaurant in Leeds that’s is consciously 100% gluten-free with it’s menu. This often pairs quite well with less meat and more vegan-based dishes available. Their menu consists of all types of cuisine including meat-based dishes, vegetarian options and of course delicious vegan eats too. However, the main event at The Oxford Place in Leeds is the puddings! They’ve adapted a dozen classic desserts to be vegan so you don’t have to miss out on your favourite sweet treats.

2 Oxford Place | Website


6. Tharavadu

Are you looking to try something completely new? If you’ve never had or even heard of Kerala and it’s cuisine, you’re in for a treat at Tharavadu restaurant in Leeds. Kerala is a state in India that’s mostly known for it’s long coastline and fishing background. Tharavadu has taken this unique cuisine and brought it to the UK! Better still, all the menu items can be adapted for veggie, gluten free and vegan customers so you can enjoy the one of a kind flavours without having to hop on a plane.

7-8 Mill Hill | Website

The Falafel Guys

7. The Falafel Guys

Somehow, the Falafel Guys have managed to combine healthy, delicious and vegan food into one innovative restaurant. Their menu is both vegan and vegetarian and based mostly off Middle-Eastern flavours to give Leeds a little spice. The Falafel Guys are hard to miss as their restaurant is in fact a bright red food van parked of Briggate. This means they receive a diverse range of customers but still stay pretty highly-rated when it comes to vegan street food in Leeds.

47 Briggate | Website

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