The Best Restaurants Hamburg has to Offer

Best Restaurants in Hamburg

For many years, a weekend in Hamburg has been a staple for those who're looking for a last weekend of freedom like no other!

While this is still the case today, it’s important to keep your hunger at bay… especially if you’re planning on exploring this city’s world-renowned nightlife scene! With that being said, check out the best restaurants in Hamburg we’ve listed below and find the best place to prepare for a big night out.

Schifferbörse - Best Restaurants in Hamburg

1. Schifferbörse Restaurant

Translating to the “Shipping Exchange” in English, Schifferbörse Hamburg is a wonderful place to get sat down for a bite to eat if you’re looking for classic German cuisine in a cool and unique venue. Taking inspiration from the city’s long seafaring history, here you’ll find some amazing fish dishes sourced locally as well as plenty of classics like schnitzel and bratwurst too.

📌 Kirchenallee 46 » | Website »

Restaurant Im Sprinkenhof - Best Restaurants in Hamburg

2. Restaurant Im Sprinkenhof

Situated inside this iconic 1920s building is Restaurant Im Sprinkenhof. Although small, this Hamburg restaurant boasts a charming and cosy atmosphere that’s hard to compare, making it a brilliant place to sit down with a delicious plate of traditional German food and a few beers! If the weather is nice, you can always sit outside as this Hamburg restaurant has plenty of tables and chairs facing the street.

📌 Burchardstraße 8 | Website »

Hofbräu Wirtshaus Speersort - Best Restaurants in Hamburg

3. Hofbräu Wirtshaus Speersort

One of the most well-known German breweries in the world, the Hofbrau Wirsthaus Speersort is Hofbrauhaus’ flagship Hamburg restaurant is a wonderful venue that boasts a Bavarian charm that you simply can’t miss out on! In the traditional beer hall style, this place has long bench seats, Bavarian flags and lots of greenery all around the main dining area. Aside from the atmosphere, you’ll also find Hofbrau beer on tap and plenty of Bavarian cuisine on the food menu as well!

📌 Speersort 1 » | Website »

Paulaner's Miraculum - Best Restaurants in Hamburg

4. Paulaner's Miraculum

Another world-famous Bavarian brewery with a restaurant in Hamburg, Paulaner’s Miraculum is one of two Paulaner venues in the city. Like its counterpart, this Hamburg restaurant has a huge range of Bavarian-style dishes for you to explore and try out like pork knuckle and dumplings. Of course, you’ll find a host of Bavarian beers on tap, including the many Paulaner variants this brewery is famous for.

📌 Kirchenallee 47 | Website »

Gasthaus an der Alster - Best Restaurants in Hamburg

5. Gasthaus an der Alster

Right by the Binnenalster lake you’ll find Gasthaus an der Alster. This Hamburg restaurant boasts a unique and vibrant charm with tonnes of old-school German memorabilia all over the venue. When it comes to food, this place specialises in locally-sourced fish dishes as well as steak and schnitzel. Behind the bar, you’ll find a huge variety of local and international beers to browse, all with great prices.

📌 Ferdinandstraße 65-67 | Website »

ALEX Hamburg - Best Restaurants in Hamburg

6. ALEX Hamburg

Just around the corner from the last entry you’ll find ALEX Hamburg, a fantastic place to grab a bite to eat if you’re looking for somewhere to sit in the sun and enjoy awesome views of the harbour, with a large pavilion area facing the Binnenalster. Inside, this Hamburg restaurant has a relaxed and modern vibe and a great menu full of great dishes from currywurst to steaks and burgers.

📌 Jungfernsteig 54 | Website »

Ahoi Steffen Henssler - Best Restaurants in Hamburg

7. Ahoi Steffen Henssler Hamburg

Specialising in delicious seafood dishes, Ahoi Steffen Henssler Hamburg is a cool and contemporary venue where you can enjoy possibly one of the best fish n’ chips anywhere in the city! With other amazing specialities like salmon steaks and sushi bowls, you can also find a host of other options on the menu too like burgers and crispy pork schnitzel.

📌 Spitalerstraße 12 | Website »

Heimathafen - Best Restaurants in Hamburg

8. Heimathafen Hamburg

With a little bit of everything on the menu, Heimathafen Hamburg is the perfect place to head to if you’re looking for fantastic food at great prices with lots of choice on offer. Situated right next to the harbour, this Hamburg restaurant has plenty of street-side seating for enjoying a bite to eat in the sunshine during the warmer months of the year. With a lively and modern atmosphere inside the venue too, this place is particularly known for its amazing burgers… so if that’s your thing, you definitely shouldn’t miss out on paying a visit here!

📌 Baumwall 5-7 | Website »

Restaurant Schoppenhauer - Best Restaurants in Hamburg

9. Restaurant Schoppenhauer

Nestled away on a cosy street in the heart of the city’s harbour area, Restaurant Schoppenhauser is a fantastic place to grab a bite to eat if you’re looking for classic German cuisine. Situated amongst the historic warehouses, this Hamburg restaurant is housed in an old brick building with tonnes of charm, giving the place a cool and interesting atmosphere.

📌 Reimerstwiete 20 | Website »

Brauhaus Joh. Albrecht - Best Restaurants in Hamburg

10. Brauhaus Joh. Albrecht

Brauhaus Joh. Albrecht is an awesome Hamburg restaurant that boasts a huge brewery on-site, which you’ll realise from the gigantic vats inside the venue! So if you’re looking for a great pint of beer straight from the brewery, this is a great place to go to. On the food menu, you’ll find tonnes of classic German dishes as well as plenty of options for vegans and vegetarians as well.

📌 Adolphsbrücke 7 | Website »

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