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Planning a night out in Liverpool? We’ve compiled a list of the best bars in the city that we think should be on your list when it comes to having a fantastic night out!

If there’s one thing we all know about Liverpool, it’s that it has one of the biggest and best nightlife scenes in the North West and possibly the country. Unrivalled by its neighbours, the former European City of Culture winner is also a hotbed for stylish bars and fashionable drinking spots. Here, we’ve compiled a list of the best bars in Liverpool for all you out there looking for an epic night out.

29 Bars in Liverpool to Visit

Best Bars in Liverpool - Be At One

1. Be at One

This stylish cocktail bar in the heart of the city in The Ropewalks area is the number one stop for cocktails, ranging from sweet to sour… and even spicy!

Boasting a fantastic outdoor terrace area and a pop art-inspired interior, Be at One Liverpool is a great place to enjoy some delicious, world-class cocktails in a relaxed and chilled-out atmosphere.

📌 13-21 Seel St » | Website »

Best Bars in Liverpool - Neighbourhood

2. Neighbourhood

This all-day bar and restaurant inspired by New York City is a brilliant city centre location to enjoy some globally-inspired sharing food and cocktails before transforming into a renowned late-night venue by night.

If you’re looking for a relaxing spot to enjoy some drinks and nibbles during the day or a late-night bar to kickstart your night, Neighbourhood Liverpool is a great option for either reason! Check out our best bars in Chester.

📌 62 Castle St » | Website »

Best Bars in Liverpool - Bierkeller

3. Bierkeller Liverpool

Step into Bavaria without leaving the city or the country, for that matter, with the authentic German beer hall experience that Bierkeller Liverpool has to offer. From the fantastic European lagers to the waitresses dressed in traditional German dress, this is definitely an experience you can’t afford to miss!

With beers served in two-pint steins, long bench tables and live Oompah bands every weekend, celebrating a night out at this popular party destination is a no-brainer if you’re looking for a lively atmosphere in a unique setting.

📌 6-8 Thomas Steers W. » | Website »

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Best Bars in Liverpool - 53

4. 54˚ Liverpool

Featuring a stunning private dining area, a stylish interior and a fantastic selection of drinks, there’s no reason you shouldn’t pop in for a drink at 54 Liverpool on a night out.

This vibrant late bar is located just a short walk away from Chinatown. You will be impressed by the vibrant and relaxed atmosphere this venue has to offer. Whether it’s the great range of beers or delicious food you’re after, this certainly isn’t a venue that should be overlooked!

📌 19-21 Seel St » | Website »

Best Bars in Liverpool - Lane 7

5. Lane 7 Liverpool

People think Lane 7 Liverpool is just a bowling alley, but they couldn’t be more wrong… This venue is an exciting and vibrant establishment that boasts a stylish bar, retro arcade machines, beer pong tables and much more!

Open throughout the day until late on weekends, this is an awesome place to enjoy a few drinks while sneaking in a few games of bowling or American pool before continuing on your epic Liverpool night out! In addition to the best bars, we also have the best pubs in Liverpool.

📌 Clayton Square » | Website »

Best Bars in Liverpool - Sgt Peppers

6. Sgt. Peppers

A vibrant cocktail bar with a name that nods to one of the city’s biggest icons, Sgt Peppers Liverpool is a lively and atmospheric cocktail bar located just off Matthew Street and Concert Square. With live music throughout the week, there’s never a dull day to visit this fantastic Liverpool bar. One of the newer venues on this legendary street, you won’t find this bar as packed as the nearby Cavern, but still packs a real punch when it comes to hosting great nights for punters!

📌 Matthew St / N. John St » | Website »

Best Bars in Liverpool - Heebie Jeebies

7. Heebie Jeebies

The infamous Heebie Jeebies Liverpool is one of the most iconic and well-known spots to locals, students, and outsiders alike. It is known for its mellow atmosphere and brilliant live DJ sets throughout the week.

A former jazz club, this basement bar has been transformed into a vibrant and exciting split-level live music venue and late-night bar. It boasts a great outdoor courtyard that is sure not to disappoint! Have a look at some of the best bars in Newcastle if you are heading somewhere new for a night out.

📌 80-82 Seel St » | Website »

Best Beer Gardens in Liverpool

If you want to know of some places that will be perfect for enjoying the weather during the warmer months, look no further. We have compiled this list of the best beer gardens in Liverpool for you to explore with your group this year.

Kazimier Garden | 32 Seel Street

Free State Kitchen | 1 Maryland Street

Alma de Cuba | St Peters Church

Pen Factory | 13 Hope Street

The Monro | 92 Dukes Street

Concert Square | Concert Square

Best Bars in Liverpool - The Merchant

8. The Merchant

Located on the ever-popular Slater Street in the heart of the city, The Merchant Liverpool is easily one of the trendiest and well-presented late-night drinking spots with its exceptional mix between presenting itself as a tavern and a party paradise.

If you’re searching for a slightly edgy and cool place to kick back and enjoy some drinks with a brilliant atmosphere, you should pop in here on your night out! Browse through all the best clubs in Liverpool after you've been to all the bars.

📌 40 Slater St » | Website »

Best Bars in Liverpool - Ex-Directory

9. Ex-Directory

Remember telephone boxes? Well, this is the only bar we know of where you need to enter a red phone box to get into one of the most exclusive and contemporary secret cocktail bars in the entire city.

Once you make your way past the false back to the otherwise inconspicuous call box, you’ll find Ex-Directory Liverpool, an extremely relaxed and one of the most interesting late-night bars you have ever set foot in!

📌 8 Vernon St » | Website »

Best Bars in Liverpool - The Smuggler's Cove

10. The Smugglers Cove

One of the most popular themed late-night drinking spots in the city, Smugglers Cove Liverpool sits on the Albert Dock and boasts an unbelievably detailed and fascinating pirate-themed interior and menu that will take you right back to the 18th century as soon as you walk through the door!

With an impressive outdoor area, fantastic cocktails and a selection of late-night food menu options, this stylish bar is one you cannot afford to skip on your Liverpool night out!

📌 Albert Dock » | Website »

Best Bars in Liverpool - The Grapes

11. The Grapes

Long associated with The Beatles and the city’s impeccable live music scene, The Grapes is a fantastic karaoke bar on the iconic Matthew Street, just next to Concert Square.

This cosy underground bar has an electric atmosphere, making it a great place to stop off on your big night out in the city. With a huge jukebox collection and plenty of outdoor seating, this is a great place to drink during both the day and night.

📌 60 Roscoe St » | Website »

Best Bars in Liverpool - Berry & Rye

12. Berry and Rye

Inspired by the Prohibition Era in the United States during the 1920s, this secretive late-night bar is like no other in the city. With menus hidden in Bibles and an inconspicuous exterior, you wouldn’t know this bar existed if you walked past it!

With candle-lit tables and a selection of delicious cocktails, this is a can’t-miss venue if you’re looking for a themed bar like no other… if you can find it!

📌 48 Berry St » | Website »

Best Bars in Liverpool - Motel Bar

13. Motel Bar

This late-night karaoke and cocktails bar is a tasteful and welcoming venue that boasts a chic interior with wooden furniture and an extremely laid-back atmosphere as soon as you walk through the door.

Located right in the city's heart backing onto Concert Square, this quirky yet lively establishment is a great place to chill out with a few drinks or get up and sing your heart out until the early hours!

📌 5-7 Fleet St » | Website »

Best Bars in Liverpool - Brewdog

14. BrewDog Liverpool

One of the biggest up-and-coming pale ale breweries in the UK, BrewDog Liverpool is one of many UK locations where the company has opened its own bars serving some of the best beers on the market.

Located right in the heart of The Ropewalks District, this is an unmissable bar when visiting and celebrating in Liverpool for your stag do… and any other occasion!

📌 Manolis Yard, 8 Colquitt St » | Website »

Best Bars in Liverpool - The Alchemist

15. The Alchemist

Slap-bang in the heart of the financial district, this extremely popular cocktail bar chain is a no-brainer when it comes to having a few drinks in a stylishly designed bar. It features a weird and wonderful menu of delicious bespoke cocktails and perfectly crafted food to suit every kind of taste.

Whatever the direction of your night is, you can’t go wrong with The Alchemist Liverpool… even if you’re stopping off for a few drinks before hitting the bigger venues, this is always a solid choice, and we highly recommend paying a visit!

📌 5 Brunswick St » | Website »

Best Bars in Liverpool - Kazimier Garden

16. Kazimier Garden

This is arguably one of the most diverse, quirky and interesting venues the entire city offers to locals and tourists alike.

Due to its ever-growing popularity, with live multimedia events taking place at the venue’s famous Invisible Wind Factory, Kazimier Garden bar, a bespoke and tastefully created space, has a cosy and vibrant atmosphere that is unmatched by any other establishment of its kind in Liverpool.

📌 32 Seel St » | Website »

Best Bars in Liverpool - Crazy Pedro's

17. Crazy Pedro’s

If you merged a super-laid-back pizza house with a late-night bar and party hotspot, you would end up with Crazy Pedro’s (the clue is in the name!).

The bar, split over two floors, is coated with wacky murals and bright colours throughout and boasts a fantastic selection of drinks. It also offers a weird and wonderful range of pizza toppings you probably wouldn’t find at any other pizza place in the city… or the country, for that matter!

📌 25 Parr St » | Website »

Best Bars in Liverpool - Botanical Garden

18. Botanical Garden

A small urban drinking garden tucked away amongst the hustle and bustle of the Baltic Triangle in the city centre, Botanical Garden Liverpool is the perfect spot for an afternoon of drinking and relaxing in the sunshine with one of the coolest atmospheres any bars in the city can offer.

Gin is the main tipple in this little establishment, but the menu also includes a range of beers and other drinks.

📌 49 New Bird St » | Website »

Best Bars in Liverpool - Love Lane Brewery

19. Love Lane Brewery

Like our last entry, this long-standing brewery sits in the heart of the Baltic Triangle, often referred to as “Liverpool’s Coolest District”, boasting its kitchen and a whopping three bars, the company’s history is embedded in its production of Higson’s and Love Lane Beers.

If you and the group want to experience the full brewery atmosphere and enjoy a spot of lunch or dinner while you’re at it, then you’ll be more than impressed with Love Lane Brewery.

📌 62 Bridgewater St » | Website »

Best Bars in Liverpool - Rubber Soul

20. Rubber Soul

Another eclectic Matthew Street bar with legendary status, Rubber Soul Liverpool is a fantastic Beatles-themed bar like no other. For those of you looking for a cocktail bar that resembles more of a nightclub than a laid-back bar, then this is the place for you. With live DJ sets on the weekends and open ‘til late for the party-goers, there’s no reason not to take a trip to this awesome hotspot.

📌 9 Matthew St » | Website »

Best Bars in Liverpool - Buyer's Club

21. Buyers Club

Nestled between the Knowledge and Georgian Quarters on Hardman Street in the city centre, Buyers Club Liverpool is a tasteful mix of a wine and cocktail bar, live music space, and small restaurant.

Whatever direction you want your night out to take, this all-around venue has everything on offer, no matter how big or small the celebrations!

📌 24 Hardman St » | Website »

Best Bars in Liverpool - Santa Chupitos

22. Santa Chupitos

Priding itself as a bespoke cocktail emporium, Santa Chupitos Liverpool boasts of its ingenuity in designing and creating home-made cocktails from fresh ingredients.

Located in The Ropewalks district in the centre of Liverpool, this quaint late-night bar is a great checkpoint on your list of bars for having the best possible stag night out in this vibrant and exciting city.

📌 41 Slater St » | Website »

Best Bars in Liverpool - The William Gladstone

23. The William Gladstone

The William Gladstone is an old-school, no-frills boozer in the heart of the city’s party district. Noted for being a great place to catch live sporting events, you can expect a classic pub grub menu and plenty of pints on tap here. Open ‘til late on the weekends; this legendary Liverpool bar is right by all the best places to celebrate in the city, so adding this venue to your itinerary is always a good idea.

📌 18-20 N. John St » | Website »

Best Bars in Liverpool - Panoramic 34

24. Panoramic 34

Geared specifically towards those looking to enjoy some mouth-watering cocktails, Panoramic 34 Liverpool prides itself on being one of the highest restaurants/­bars in the country with its unparalleled views of the Liverpool skyline and beyond.

It's a great way to start the evening, especially if you want a sophisticated and slightly more modern start to the night.

📌 West Tower (Brook St) » | Website »

Best Bars in Liverpool - Baltic Market

25. Baltic Market

It prides itself on being the city’s first-ever street food market, taking place at the Cairns Brewery on Stanhope Street.

Baltic Market Liverpool is known for its quirky street food vendors and its eccentric range of weird and wonderful beers & ales from all over the world, with markets taking place throughout the day over the weekend, so it shouldn’t be missed if you’re passing by that way on your night out!

📌 107 Stanhope St » | Website »

Best Bars in Liverpool - Frederik's

26. Frederiks

A vibrant hub on the iconic Hope Street in the Georgian Quarter, Frederiks lies between both of the city’s cathedrals as a Brooklyn-inspired bar which boasts a variety of craft beers from around the world, a great selection of prosecco and gin options… not to mention having a reputation for making some of the finest award-winning cocktails in the city!

The venue also serves food throughout the day, from lunch to dinner, so if you’re looking for a bite to eat with your drinks on your Liverpool night out, then this is a cracking location for both! Speaking of food, check out our best restaurants in Chester!

📌 32 Hope St » | Website »

Best Bars in Liverpool - The Bridewell

27. The Bridewell

Located in a former police lock-up, The Bridewell’s cells used to house “conscientious objectors” during the Second World War (their faded anti-Churchill slogans can still be made out on the walls!) and are now cosy drinking dens for small groups of around 8 people maximum.

Although once you’re inside, you’ll feel like you’re a world away, the venue is just a couple of minutes away from the city centre.

📌 1 Campbell Sq » | Website »

Best Bars in Liverpool - Mackenzie's

28. Mackenzie’s Whisky Bar

If you and the lads are no strangers to a whisky now and again, then you will all feel right at home at Mackenzie’s Whisky Bar on the corner of the iconic Rodney Street and Hardman Street; this venue boasts of having over 300 whiskies from all over the world, ranging from the Scottish Highlands to Japan!

In addition to its whisky selection, the bar also has a great selection of fine wines, gins, and craft beers!

📌 32 Rodney St » | Website »

Best Bars in Liverpool - Head of Steam

29. Head of Steam

Located in a former hotel, Head of Steam Liverpool is spread out across four bars… trust us when we say you’ll be astounded at the size of this place!

With a grand selection of pale ales, IPAs, ciders, and pilsners, this fantastic late bar also boasts an impressive range of cocktails and an exquisite menu you can’t afford to miss!

📌 85-89 Hanover St » | Website »

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