Best Vegan Restaurants in Liverpool

Best Vegan Restaurants in Liverpool

After the past couple of Veganuary’s it has never been easier to grab a tasty Vegan dish, especially in Liverpool!

More and more people are becoming vegetarian and vegan now due to the fact of how accessible everything is. Whether you want some delicious junk food, a real sit down meal or even just a quick bite to eat in a café. You will be able to find a Vegan restaurant in Liverpool that will be perfect at suiting all of your needs. So check out our list of the best vegan restaurants in Liverpool.

Best Vegan Restaurants in Liverpool - Down The Hatch

1. Down the Hatch

Sometimes the hardest thing to find is some Vegan junk food, and luckily we’ve found just the place for you to head. Down the Hatch claims to keep your belly full and cure your hangover with all of their delicious food. And here you don’t have to worry about the portion size, everything they offer comes overflowing on the plate! So you can definitely stuff your faces with no judgement here. We would suggest heading over to down the hatch when you’ve had a night out and you’re looking for some delicious hangover food.

62 Duke St | Website

Best Vegan Restaurants in Liverpool - Indigo Greens

2. Indigo Greens

This plant based eatery is the perfect place to head for a delicious breakfast throughout the week or even if you are wanting a 3 course Sunday dinner! As well as a place where you can sit in and enjoy your food you can also takeaway food to enjoy in the comfort of your own home. They also offer meal prep delivery, detox smoothies, freezer meals, food trucks, outside catering and even cooking workshops. So believe us when we say they definitely know what they’re talking about when they create all the delicious dishes that they do.

132 Queens Dr | Website

Best Vegan Restaurants in Liverpool - Veggie Republic

3. Veggie Republic

Veggie Republic will make you feel like you’re in any other type of restaurant except for the fact that everything is vegan and vegetarian! Here you will be able to enjoy everything from pizzas to burgers, lasagne to curry and everything in between. And their fries are to die for, with a variety of toppings that you can have on them you have to go to experience them. Veggie Republic also has their own brand of beer which is another thing we would recommend trying if you head to this venue. We also have a list of the best restaurants in Liverpool!

16 Cook St | Website

Best Vegan Restaurants in Liverpool - Frost Burgers

4. Frost Burgers

If you are looking for some delicious street food you will be happy that you have stumbled across Frost Burgers. Right on Wood Street this 100% plant based street food style restaurant will answer all your Vegan food prayers. People are even saying the burgers are better than McDonald’s despite being meat free. Now that is a big claim so you almost have to go and try them out now to see what all the fuss is about! We also have an impressive list of the best bottomless brunch in Liverpool.

58 Wood St | Website

Best Vegan Restaurants in Liverpool - Tusk Baltic

5. Tusk Baltic

Tusk Baltic is a restaurant that cares about its environment with being the first Carbon Free Dining restaurant in Liverpool. They have a huge vegan and plant based menu option that has a huge variety of delicious food available. As well as all of their delicious food, Tusk Baltic also now have a commitment where they are responsible for planting 100 trees per month. This restaurant is the perfect place to head if you are looking to support an environmental conscious restaurant.

Cains Brewery Village, 5 Mann St | Website

Best Vegan Restaurants in Liverpool - The Old Hardware Shop

6. The Old Hardware Shop

If you are looking for a little less restaurant and a little more Vegan café, then The Old Hardware Shop will be perfect for you. This completely vegan café has a huge variety of options on its menu. Whether you are looking for a soup, breakfast, sandwich, toastie, salad, hot dogs, pizzas and more! It’s the perfect place to head for a quick bite to eat where you can enjoy some delicious and unique food. And the café itself is very welcoming with a bright and colourful décor.

8 Woolton St | Website

Best Vegan Restaurants in Liverpool - Bundobust

7. Bundobust

This Indian style restaurant has a pretty relaxed atmosphere, you will find that groups come here to enjoy a chat and a catch up over some delicious food. Bundobust has a mix of vegan and non-vegan dishes available but there are still plenty of vegan options throughout the menu. Whether you’re wanting some beer snacks, sharer platters or even just some sides. There are plenty of amazing things to eat with all of your group.

17-19 Bold St | Website

Best Vegan Restaurants in Liverpool - Go Falafel

8. Go Falafel

Go Falafel prides itself in serving the freshest and the greenest falafel to all of its customers. But as well as falafel there are also salads, hummous and juices and smoothies available that you can also enjoy. Everything that you eat will be bursting with flavour. Every single item on their menu is also completely vegan so you can enjoy everything that Go Falafel has to offer on the menu. All of their dishes are based on Middleastern food in a tasty, healthy way.

6 Richmond St | Website

Are you looking at organising a stag do in Liverpool? Why not try out one of these delicious Vegan restaurants in between all of your stag do activities?

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