Stag Do Movies

Stag Do Movies

Stag Do weekends have always held a big part in most lad’s hearts, there expectations are always high mainly because of all of the movies out there these days that they have seen.

And let’s be honest, it is always better watching movies with all the lads right? So we have put together the top 7 Stag Do Movies for you and the lads to flick through as you prepare for the ultimate stag do. It could also help you figure out the dos and don'ts of the weekend. 

1. The Hangover (Part 1, 2 & 3)

Stag Do Movies: The Hangover

It will be no shock to anybody that these films have made this list. They’re amongst some of the funniest lads films that have been made and definitely give you lads a real eye opener for the worse case scenarios. From tigers to babies and even a monkey these lads have encountered all that they could in a stag weekend. 

2. Old School

This is one to get you ready for a night out like no other. It’s the perfect stag film about three middle aged men who are getting bored with their lives so they decide to relive their college days. Of course starting with a huge frat party. And with Will Ferrell in it, this film is definitely a winner for a hilarious movie to get you and the lads in the mood.

3. The Inbetweeners Movie

Does this movie even need an explanation? Everybody knows and loves The Inbetweeners obviously and this film will make you and the lads itching to get on a plane ready for a crazy holiday. The only difference between you and The Inbetweeners is hopefully you’re not a group of clumsy teens and you hopefully have better dance moves than Neil Sutherland.

If you still need to organise the stag do, then check out our stag do activities!

4. American Pie: The Wedding

Stag Do Movies: American Pie: The Wedding

If you want a great laugh, then this movie is the one for you! We all know American Pie but The Wedding will get you and the lads in the stag party mood. Especially since almost every lads group has a Stiffler are we right? So why not embrace this film before the stag night out and get in the spirit for a crazy night in celebration of the stag.

5. Staggered

Staggered is a Stag Do nightmare. One to probably watch the morning after the stag night out rather than before too might we add, you don’t want it giving your mates any ideas. But all in all it is a great film full of funny moments as the soon to be wed gets dumped on a beach by his ‘friends’ as a stag do prank and he has 3 days to get back home for the wedding.

6. Oceans 11

This is a cool movie full of cool guys and a great story. It’s a great film to watch before a stag do, a group of crooks who are trying to pull off a heist in Las Vegas. Of course this film isn’t stag related but watching them put together a slick plot will surely get you and the lads in the mood for a big night out.

7. Stag Night

A typical stag do film, so you’re lead to believe. A group of lads enjoying the stag night in New York City before their night gets cut short as they’re kicked out of a club for being abit rowdy but then that’s when the night starts. From a subway stop to a policeman being eaten, this film will give you the run for your lives attitude so expect plenty of drama and excitement for the duration.


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