Harrogate Stag Do Ideas

Harrogate Stag Do Ideas

Smartphone Pub Treasure Hunt

  • Fully organised pub quiz hunt
  • Self run – start any time
  • Great value, latest technology
  • Team challenges, great questions
  • £13.00

Cocktail Masterclass

  • Welcome drink
  • Mix and shake cocktails
  • Includes food platters
  • City centre venues
  • £28.00

Smartphone Stag Do Treasure Hunt

  • Self-run – start any time
  • Includes 3 pub challenges
  • Specifically designed for stags!
  • Challenges, clues and puzzles
  • £13.00

Electric Shock Football

  • Latest crazy football game
  • Electric shock each other
  • Hilarious fun
  • Venue hire included
  • £29.95

Cuban Cocktail Masterclass & Tapas Meal

  • Mix and shake cocktails
  • Make Iconic Mojito
  • Fun games & challenges
  • Tasty Tapas Feast
  • £36.50

Escape Rooms

  • Interactive escape rooms
  • Challenges, puzzles, clues
  • Themed rooms
  • Will you escape in time!
  • £25.00

French Meal - Café Rouge

  • Two course meal
  • Includes a choice of drink
  • Authentic French restaurant theme
  • City centre locations
  • £23.00

Go Karting

  • Fast, furious racing
  • Latest go karts
  • Morning & afternoon sessions
  • Trophy & bubbly presentation
  • £45.00

Gin Masterclass

  • Drink on arrival
  • Mix up gin beverages
  • City centre venues
  • Includes fun & games
  • £25.00

Local Bar Guide

  • List of local bars
  • Save time researching
  • Party bars & chic cocktail bars
  • You choose where to go

2 Course Meal

  • Choose your own restaurant
  • 2 Courses
  • Modern restaurants
  • City centre locations

Modern British Meal

  • Choice of dishes from set menu
  • Modern bar restaurants
  • Choose either 2 or 3 courses
  • City centre locations


  • Competitive Action
  • Fantastic courses
  • Masks, overalls and guns
  • Half day or full day
  • £15.00

Mobile Life Drawing

  • Nude female model
  • Includes a skilled tutor
  • Cottages, Apartments, Hotels
  • All drawing equipment provided
  • £31.00

Personal Chef Service

  • Gourmet dining experience
  • Professional Chef
  • Fresh ingredients used
  • Cottages, Apartments, Homes

Pizza Express Meal

  • Fabulous Italian meal
  • Includes a choice of drink
  • Great party atmosphere
  • City centre locations
  • £21.00

Quad Biking

  • Drive powerful quads
  • Professional instructors
  • Off road experience
  • One of the best driving days

Slug & Lettuce - 2 Course Meal

  • Reserved seating
  • 2 course meal
  • World lagers & beers
  • City centre location
  • £16.00

Slug & Lettuce - Signature Meal

  • Reserved seating
  • Glass of prosecco
  • Signature 2 course meal
  • Great cocktails
  • £23.50

Hire a Cocktail Bartender

  • Professional bartender hire
  • All equipment is included
  • Cocktail shopping list
  • Cottages, Apartments, Hotels
  • £220.00

Spy School Smartphone Challenge

  • Spy themed challenges
  • Self run – start any time
  • Great value, latest technology
  • GPS and image recognition
  • £13.00

Smartphone City Treasure Hunt

  • Fully organised city treasure hunt
  • Self run – start any time
  • Great value, latest APP technology
  • Team challenges, clues and puzzles
  • £13.00

Slug & Lettuce - 3 Course Meal

  • 3 course meal
  • Lively venue
  • City centre restaurant
  • Great world lagers & beers
  • £19.00

Zizzi Italian Meal

  • Choice of classic Italian dishes
  • Choose either 2 or 3 courses
  • Modern Italian restaurant
  • City centre locations
  • £19.00

Gin Masterclass & 2 Course Meal

  • Drink on arrival
  • Mix up gin drinks
  • 2 course meal
  • Fun & games
  • £39.50

Gin Masterclass & Tapas

  • Welcome drink
  • Mix together gin drinks
  • Feast on tapas
  • City centre venue
  • £28.50

Do You Need Some Harrogate Stag Do Ideas?

Fancy a Yorkshire celebration? Consider a stag do in Harrogate for your groom to be. Surprisingly, a stag night in this Northern town can be filled with hidden gems. As for experiences, Harrogate offers relaxing and adrenaline-fuelled stag party activities to suit all kinds of stag groups. With so much to do, make a stag weekend of it and grab some accommodation for all the lads too. With a celebration in Harrogate, you’re guaranteed a memorable last night of freedom!

Do You Need Some Harrogate Stag Do Ideas?

Although Harrogate is great for a relax and a kick-back it is also the perfect town of choice for a stag who wants to celebrate in a bit more style whilst avoiding all the usual hustle and bustle of your typical larger party scenes.

Attracting visitors from far and wide every year, its obvious Harrogate must be doing something right! The best thing about Harrogate is that everything can be accessed by foot and is filled with shops, bars and restaurants. Perfect for any stags that want to keep entertained.

Forget what you heard about Harrogate, it is actually a lot bigger than people make out. So in between all of your stag do activities in Harrogate you will be able to explore all that this town has to offer.

Top 10 Stag Do Activities in Harrogate

1. Smartphone Pub Treasure Hunt

Make your way around Harrogate’s best pubs by completing various challenges and trivia.

2. Go Karting

Add some energy into your event by revving your engines and racing against the lads of a go kart track.

3. Escape Rooms

Attempt to escape a room you have been locked into by cracking codes and solving puzzles.

4. Paintballing

Take cover, aim and shoot at the boys in this adrenaline pumping activity that’s bound to be enjoyed by everyone.

5. Quad Biking

Mount some powerful quad bikes and race your way around a track in a race against the boys.

6. Spy School Smartphone Challenge

Explore Harrogate by collecting clues, solving challenges and answering questions to solve the mystery of who killed agent Jones.

7. Electric Shock Football

Play a game of 5 a side football and numerous mini games with a twist of electricity.

8. 2 Course Meal

Treat your taste buds to a delicious 2 course meal at various city centre restaurants.

9. Mobile Life Drawing

A nude female model will pose in front of you and the lads as you all attempt to draw her to the best of your abilities.

10. Personal Chef Service

Your own personal chef will cook up a delicious and fresh 2 course meal for you and the lads.

Nightlife Guide to Harrogate Stag Weekends

Harrogate isn’t necessarily known for its nightlife, but that doesn’t mean it is non-existent. There are plenty bars and pubs for the lads to celebrate in, so you won’t find yourselves running out of options.

Montpellier Gardens

This road is home to many of Harrogate best and classiest bars and pubs. You can find almost any drink or atmosphere you are after on this road, making it ideal for the stag parties who don’t want to venture too far.

Major Tom’s Social specialises is serving their customers with the finest craft beers and real ale. This independent laidback hangout is perfect for a quiet night out with the lads, especially if you are all beer lovers.

For a taste of fine wine, local beers and amazing cocktails, Porco Rosso is the place to be. Whilst you sit down and sip on your expertly crafted drinks, you will hear funk and soul music, making the night out nice and relaxed.

Parliament Street

Right next to Montpellier Gardens, Parliament Street houses more upbeat and lively bars and clubs that would be better suited to the stags who want to party the night away.

A nightclub that will truly add some energy and VIP into your celebrations and is popular amongst stag do’s is The Viper Rooms. Their themes vary depending which day it is, but no matter which day you go, they will always have their disgracefully grown up cocktail menu on offer.

The Pit is an underground bar which is bound to add fun into any stag night and create everlasting memories (well, that depends how much you drink). Play a game of ping pong or two as you sip on whichever drink you choose from their large menu. Plus, they offer plenty drink deals including 2-4-1 cocktails, so what’s not to love?

Getting Around Harrogate on a Stag Party

Getting Around Harrogate

Harrogate is best reached from both Leeds and York since they offer good train links. Visiting using a car can be good but due to its rural location in the north of England it can be a tiresome, long drive depending on where you live.

Harrogate is a big town but small enough to navigate on foot and getting around is hassle free. In a town like Harrogate, walking around and taking in all the beautiful sights is a big part of the experience and makes it the best form of travel within the town.

If you want to head out and explore the stunning Yorkshire countryside surrounding Harrogate, then a car would be the most suitable. Buses to Leeds are conveniently every 15 minutes or so, if you wanted to visit Harrogate’s big neighbour.