Spy School Smartphone Team Building in Cambridge

Spy School Smartphone Challenge
  • Spy School Smartphone Challenge
  • Spy School Smartphone Challenge Activity
  • Spy School Smartphone Challenge Event
  • Spy School Smartphone Challenge Experience
  • Spy School Smartphone Challenge Hunt

Activity Details

  • Spy themed challenges
  • Self run – start any time
  • Great value, latest technology
  • GPS and image recognition

Merging the world of Bond, James Bond with our smartphone treasure hunts creates a fantastic experience the whole office will never forget. Using your smartphone or tablet, everyone will get stuck into an adventure across Cambridge, seeing the majestic sights whilst completing daring challenges and questions relating to the world of espionage. To give you the extra flexibility to make your event really enjoyable and stress free, the specially designed spy app can be launched anytime of the day and will be your guide across the city. From hotspot to hotspot, your co-workers will venture forth like true undercover agents while streng­thening crucial teamwork skills like commu­nica­tion. The Spy school smartphone challenge team building in Cambridge is a challenging and fully unique event the whole workplace will love, regardless whether they’re into 007 or not.

What’s Included

  • Start any time – you decide on the day
  • Latest smartphone App technology
  • Creative spy themed challenges activated by GPS
  • A series of clues to discover who killed agent Jones!
  • Challenges include photo and video tasks designed to get members interacting
  • Uses image recognition.
  • Tasks and questions requiring an eye for detail as well as a magnificent memory.
  • Name your team & take selfies
  • Live scoreboard makes it competitive and fun

Extra Info:

The App is designed for Android phones and tablets, the iPhone and the iPad. It will not work on Windows phones or Blackberry.

There are also minimum versions of the operating system that are required for the App so if you can't see it in the store it probably means your phone isn't compatible.

The minimum device system requirements are as follows…

  • iOS Version 10.0 and above,
  • Android Version 4.4 and above,
  • Whatever phone or tablet you use, it will also need a data plan, a compass and have GPS activated.
  • A fully charged smartphone will be required per team.

Whilst the App will normally work on other unre­com­mended Android & iOS devices, there may be times where users experience issues with certain areas such as poor battery life, GPS signal or small issues in the game. In particular, you may have issues if running the App on an old phone.


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