Roller Coaster Team Building Activity in Coventry

Rollercoaster Experience
  • Rollercoaster Experience
  • Rollercoaster Team Building

Activity Details

  • Construct & build activity
  • Roller coaster contraption
  • Link sections together
  • Creates large roller coaster

The following features are included in the Roller Coaster team building activity:

Make it a successful day and challenge your team to a completely unique task with the roller coaster team building in Coventry. With a set of blueprints and the materials needed to build your gigantic structure, participants will need to put their collective thinking caps on to build a series of starting towers for the large ball that must be carried along the tracks by itself from start to finish. Teams can get as creative as they like with the tracks, but when it comes to the final trial run, it must work from start to finish in one try!

What’s Included

  • Construct and test a roller coaster inspired contraption
  • Host will get everyone involved with energisers and explain the objective
  • Use blueprints to create a chain reaction from paper rods and cable ties
  • The aim is to get a large ball from one section to the other to trigger the next reaction
  • Winning team will receive medals
  • Includes a supportive event manager on the day to ensure a smooth experience
  • Experienced crew on hand to get the competitive juices flowing
  • Encourages commu­nica­tion and colla­bora­tion
  • Comes with music and equipment on the day


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