Outdoor Escape Rooms in Middlesbrough for Team Events

The Dark Curse Activity
  • The Dark Curse Activity
  • The Dark Curse Activities
  • The Dark Curse Challenge
  • The Dark Curse Challenges
  • The Dark Curse
  • The Dark Curse Event
  • The Dark Curse Experience
  • The Dark Curse Experiences

Activity Details

  • Outdoor escape rooms
  • Improves problem solving
  • Interactive fun host
  • Tasks, clues, Immersive challenges

What to Happens with an Outdoor Escape Room for Teams in Middlesbrough?

With an outdoor escape room for teams in Middlesbrough, you and your colleagues have the chance to break out of the office environment for a day of interactive fun and exploration! With a bespoke game app to download and use on the day, everyone taking part will get to install it before the activity kicks off with a short briefing from your remote host. They will explain how the day will run before splitting you all up into smaller teams of 4-6 people. From here, there will be just 90 minutes on the clock for you to escape this virtual nightmare! Using the app, teams will make their way to GPS hotspots around the town centre to collect virtual items and take part in interactive games and challenges in a bid to win as many points as possible. With a live scoreboard on the app to keep track of everyone else’s progress, those that make it out in time and soar to the top of the scoreboard will be crowned the overall winners.

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What’s Included

  • Bring the team together to play an outdoor escape room
  • Explore your location of choice, we cover almost everywhere
  • The remote host will set the mood with a dramatic tense briefing
  • Play this themed mystical scavenger hunt - The Dark Curse
  • Uncover your city’s secrets
  • You’ll have 90mins to complete magical tasks, challenges, clues
  • Work your way through 3 levels, each getting more challenging
  • Learn spells, potion-making and gather essential items
  • The winning team will be the ones with the greatest points and who have escaped in time!
  • Duration is 120 minutes in total. 15 mins for briefing, 90mins gameplay, 15mins wrap up session
  • The energy is endless as the clock ticks down to escape
  • Everyone needs a smartphone plus you’ll need one laptop so the remote host can complete the briefing and wrap up
  • Add on - Custom Branding - Create a more personalised experience by adding your company's brand colours and logo

The Dark Curse Theme

Working in teams in Middlesbrough you must lift the dark curse that has befallen the land. Using your smartphones and the latest interactive app, your group will be put to the ultimate test. Locate GPS hotspots in a location of your choice, where you'll carry out tasks that bolster your magical skills. The aim is to restore white (good) magic to the land, all before time runs out. Can your team escape before the blood moon sets in Middlesbrough?


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