It's a Knockout Hen Party in Bristol

Total Knockout Hen
  • Total Knockout Hen
  • Total Knockout Experience
  • Total Knockout Activity
  • Total Knockout
  • £50.00

Activity Details

  • Legendary games
  • Inflatable courses
  • Prize for winning team
  • Wet and wild war zones

What to Expect from the Total Knockout Hen Party in Bristol?

If you add the total knockout hen party in Bristol to your plans your whole group will enjoy a series of inflatable games with some friendly competition mixed in! This hilarious experience is a fully organised event including an events co-ordinator to run your day. On arrival, split into teams and go head to head across a variety of physically challenging game stations. Earn points as you tackle each challenge which includes inflatables, foam and water. The winning team by the end of the team will take home a prize!

What’s Included

  • Wet and wild inflatable war zones
  • Combination of It’s A Knockout and Totally Wiped Out
  • Huge event with many people participating
  • Your group with work in their own teams
  • Take on whacky challenges
  • A prize for the winning team
  • Inspired by two classic game shows

Now competing in all these games sounds easy right? Can’t be that difficult. Well ladies that’s where you’re wrong, you’ll be wearing a variety of foam rubber costumes as the whole group take part in these ridiculous games and challenges including large inflatables, greasy poles, slippery logs and that all-time favourite, gunge! And who doesn’t love abit of friendly competition between the girls? It’s the perfect unique way to get everyone involved and create some awesome memories. Its probably the best ice breaker for the girls who aren’t that familiar with eachother, get the whole party stuck in for an afternoon of fun and laughter.

You’ll be competing against other teams who are also wearing the original BBC’s costumes. The aim of the day is to score as many points as you can for your team to become the ultimate Winner. Trust us ladies you’ll want to win this title as though your life depends on it! There’s a bottle of bubbly to win!! It’s a knockout games include all the classics like the Super Suds, Fe! Fi! Fo! Fall!, All Hands on Deck, Dizzy Donuts and Penguin Pursuit. So ladies, it’s time to put your all in. After all the saying is go hard or go home, are we right ladies!

It's A Knockout Games: 

Super Suds – Can you escape the suds? Fight your way through this foamy game and collect a soak from the inflatable washing machine. When everyone in your team has had a go, the team with the most pairs of socks gets the most points!

Fe! Fi! Fo! Fall! – Try your best to dodge across the magic carpets dressed up in hilarious, 10ft tall original costumes. As you race to return, the opposing team will be pulling the carpet back and forth. The player who returns first (and fully dressed) receives max points!

All Hands on Deck – Choose your team wisely, as this one is all about working together! Transport each sailor (teammate) across the rocky waters of the giant inflatable to safety on the other side – sounds so easy, right?

Dizzy Donuts - Choose a teammate to be the target and then attempt to toss your inflatable donut rings over the player. Once they’re all secure, work together to complete the slalom race before dropping to the ground and rolling your team member back to the beginning first for max points.

Penguin Pursuit – Think you’re the strongest penguin around? Jump into your costumes and run anticlockwise round the course, trying to catch the penguin in front and eliminate them from the heat. The remaining penguins will take on the ring of ice for a crazy penguin sumo wrestle!


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