Best Restaurants in Madrid

Best Restaurants in Madrid

We’re sure this list will make you feel hungry but at least at the end if it you will know a few more places to head for some delicious food in Madrid!

Instead of wondering around the Spanish capital looking for somewhere to eat we thought that it is more convenient having all the best places that you could go listed in one place! Which is why we have done all of the research for you and put together the ultimate list of the best restaurants in Madrid. These places to eat all offer a variety of different dishes that will suit your whole group no matter what diet or preferences!

Best Restaurants in Madrid - Grama

1. Grama

If you’re looking for somewhere that is extremely pleasing to the eye and equally as delicious for your stomach, then you will love Grama. Dotted all around the city you will find a restaurant, bar and lounge that can provide you with drinks, food and a unique experience. There are plenty of vegetarian and vegan options available as well as meat-based dishes that everyone will love too. So whether you’re wanting a burger, cheese sticks, fajitas or pitas you will find something delicious here.

Calle Preciados 40

Best Restaurants in Madrid - Pizzart Canalejas

2. Pizzart Canalejas

Sometimes all you want is a good delicious pizza, and at Pizzart Canalejas that’s exactly what you will be able to have! All of their pizzas are made from organic sourdough that is fermented for 48 hours. The best thing about this whole experience is that you can put together and create your own pizza! The venue itself is amazing too with some incredible décor and a rustic look and vibe that will be perfect with your delicious pizzas.

Calle Arlaban 1 | Website

Best Restaurants in Madrid - Casa Lolea Madrid

3. Casa Lolea Madrid

Right in the centre of Madrid you will find Casa Lolea, a tapas restaurant that has made sure they have become the perfect place for people to head no matter what the occasion is. And since Spain has always been known for its light meals you will definitely want to make sure you try them during your time in the city. As well as food, Casa Lolea also have plenty of wine, vermouth, sangria and more that are perfect for pairing with your light bites.

Calle de Augusto Figueroa 26  | Website

Best Restaurants in Madrid - Sublime Dreams Food

4. Sublime Dreams Food

Once you’ve been exploring a new city it’s always nice to know that there is somewhere that sells a delicious burger. And at Sublime Dreams Food you will have plenty of choice for a burger that is out of this world! As well as their impressive burgers with all the toppings you can think of, they also have ‘fitness food burgers’ that are lower in calories but equally as delicious! You will definitely not regret heading here for one of your meals. Here is our list of the best bars in Madrid for after you've enjoyed some food.

Calle de Concepción Jerónima 28 | Website

Best Restaurants in Madrid - Steakburger

5. Steakburger

Keeping on the same topic of burgers, Steakburger is another amazing place to head for everything burger, steak and sandwich related. All of their products are locally produced and they make a big claim in saying that you will ‘never ever in your life taste a better burger than ours.’ And we would say that claim is so big that you automatically have to try one surely! And there are plenty of delicious mains that you can choose from!

Calle Gran Vía 16  | Website

Best Restaurants in Madrid - Restaurante DCorazon

6. Restaurante DCorazon

With a variety of Spanish dishes, tapas and global comfort foods you will be able to get something that everyone in your group will like in Restaurante DCorazon. And this isn’t like any other restaurant, as well as their street level dining where you can enjoy views of the city, below there is also a 16th century cave where you can head to enjoy your delicious food. So if you’re looking for an experience to remember this will be perfect.

Plaza Mayor 30 | Website​

Best Restaurants in Madrid - Kathmandu Tandoori House

7. Kathmandu Tandoori House

Although you are in the Spanish capital we’re sure there can be times where you fancy an Indian and Kathmandu Tandoori House is the place to go when you do. You will find this place is always busy every single day of the week. They have a variety of Indian and Nepalese dishes that you can enjoy with your group. Everything in this restaurant is also extremely reasonably priced too which means you can go all out and enjoy everything that you fancy.

Calle Acuario 11  | Website

Best Restaurants in Madrid - Burnout

8. Burnout

Burnout is a restaurant that has focused on the quality of their meat that they use along with all of the ingredients. That way they know that they can provide you with some extremely high quality meals that you will remember. Here you can enjoy a classic burger, a vegan burger, even salads and chicken wings! There is a great variety of delicious food available for you and your group in Burnout. And if that wasn’t enough, we’ve heard that their desserts are incredible.

Calle Valverde 6  | Website

So there you have it, the best restaurants in Madrid. If you are looking to plan a hen party in Madrid we are here to help. We like to think that we’re experts in planning the ultimate hen party celebrations.

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