16 Best Bars in Ibiza

Best Bars in Ibiza

With a reputation as the party island, you’re spoilt for choice with dozens of glamourous bars and beautiful cocktails.

It’s not hard to see why thousands of groups head to Ibiza every year. The combination of sun, food and partying is enough to draw anyone in! The whole island oozes a glamourous glimmer that you can’t find anywhere else, and this includes the bars. From San Antonio to Playa d’en Bossa, you can find a hub of late-night venues in every corner of the sunny Balearic island. Are you ready to see the best bars in Ibiza that keep this destination the most popular party place of the Med?

San Antonio

Best Bars in Ibiza - Café Mambo

1. Café Mambo

There’s no better place to kick off this list of best bars in Ibiza than the famous Café Mambo. This beloved venue has been a hotspot for locals and tourists for over a decade. The bar has a relaxed atmosphere in the day but comes alive in the evening with music to entertain the busy crowd! Although Café Mambo is always packed, the staff are friendly and the drinks are great – it will make you want to stay and watch the sunset.

📌 C. Vara de Rey, 40 » | Website »

Best Bars in Ibiza - Café del Mar

2. Café del Mar

Since 1980, Café del Mar has been a staple and is one of the best bars in San Antonio, Ibiza. Technically Café del Mar is a sunset bar, pairing the beautiful natural wonder with chilled music and strong cocktails. Although the venue serves food throughout the day, the vibrant crowds when night falls is electric. The venue is proud of it’s heritage with original charm and even a gift shop and is legendary for its encapsulating atmosphere. Have a read through all the best clubs in Ibiza you can head to after the bars.

📌 C. Vara de Rey, 27 » | Website »

Best Bars in Ibiza - Ítaca

3. Ítaca Ibiza

Ítaca bar comes to life after dark and is one of the best places to end the night if you don’t fancy a booming nightclub. Both outside and in, Ítaca is loud and proud with different events for each night including Ibiza classic, R&B and old school tunes. This bar is a great place to grab a drinks package and rolls all the sound and entertainment you need from Ibiza into one popular venue.

📌 Av. Dr. Fleming, 8 » | Website »

Best Bars in Ibiza - Kasbah

4. Kasbah Ibiza

When it comes to the best sunset bars in Ibiza, you can’t get much better than Kasbah Ibiza. For one, the venue is perfectly located so nothing will obstruct your clear view of the sun setting over the sea. The bar itself offers a modern, clean look that reflects in their drinks menu to. Kasbah is known for great late night eats until 11pm, but if you’re looking for delicious cocktails that you can relax and enjoy, this is a hotspot in San Antonio.

📌 C. de la Soledat, 68 » | Website »

Best Bars in Ibiza - Flaherty's Irish Bar

5. Flaherty’s Irish Bar

Flaherty’s is probably the opposite of most bars you’ll find in Ibiza and specifically around San Antonio. This proper Irish pub is a favourite with tourists who want a cheaper pint without missing out on the party atmosphere of the island. The venue is big enough for large groups to fit comfortable, and they have pool tables if you fancy a game too.

📌 Av. Dr. Fleming , 3 » | Website »

Best Bars in Ibiza - Kumharas

6. Kumharas

Kumharas is another sunset bar so you can make the most of that warm Spanish sun before night falls. Fusion restaurant by day, the venue turns into a colourful bar at night with entertainment, music and performers throughout the summer. There’s ample outdoor seating where you can enjoy local wines and fruity cocktails. Better still, they’re open until 3am so you can make the most of the culture until the early hours of the morning.

📌 C. de Lugo, 2 » | Website »

Best Bars in Ibiza - Linekers

7. Linekers Ibiza

Linekers bar doesn’t need much explaining, as this British chain can be found all over Europe and especially in the Balearic Islands! This particular Linekers is just like any other, with their classic lion on the outside and cheap drinks deals on the inside. Arrive at the bar and be greeted by top guest DJ’s, dancing poles and live sports coverage throughout the year.

📌 Av. Dr. Fleming 12 » | Website »

Ibiza Town

Best Bars in Ibiza - Number 5

1. Number 5 Ibiza

The Shipping Forecast is the perfect pub in Liverpool for big groups! Mainly because the venue itself is massive. But also, the atmosphere is always warm and welcoming for all. Unlike some of the old-style taverns on this list, The Shipping Forecast is more contemporary with a casual vibe. You can order American-style food, but the shining star of this central venue is the craft beers on tap. They have a flavour for everyone, with 7 hand-picked ales, beers and lagers to pour from.

📌 C. de Cipriano G. 5 » | Website »

Best Bars in Ibiza - Paradise Lost

2. Paradise Lost

Paradise Lost is a super edgy and cool bar in Ibiza Town that goes against the areas old town vibe. The new kid on the block is renowned for it’s epic rum-based cocktail menu and friendly bartenders. For a bar, Paradise Lost is a pretty big venue with both cosy indoor seating and a big outdoor patio for lounging. Compared to San Antonio, the prices in Ibiza Town and Paradise Lost are great – so get an extra round in!

📌 C. del Passadis, 14 » | Website »

Best Bars in Ibiza - S'Escalinata Eivissa

3. S'Escalinata Ibiza

It’s true that Ibiza isn’t known for being authentically Spanish, but S’Escalinata Eivissa is a contradiction to that motion. This cute little bar in Ibiza Town strips night time entertainment back to basics and is pretty small inside. They serve tapas during the day and will make any cocktail or sangria you like if they have the ingredients. However, the showstopper for S’Escalinata Eivissa is the outdoor seating. They’ve thrown a ton of colourful cushions and blankets under parasols on cobbled steps that you can relax on!

📌 C. Portal Nou, 10 » | Website »

Best Bars in Ibiza - Tirapallá

4. Tirapallá Ibiza

If you want a view overlooking the beautiful Ibiza Town than try Tirapallá, tucked away on a hidden rooftop terrace. This small and sweet bar is family-run and you can tell! No matter what cocktail you want, they’ll whip up your favourites and bring them to your table. While you sit and take in the view, sip on your drinks and soak in the chilled atmosphere. Tirapallá is perfect if you want to get away from the crowds for the evening.

📌 C. d'Alfons XII, 10 » | Website »

Best Bars in Ibiza - Sunrise Bar

5. Sunrise Ibiza

More often than not, Sunrise Bar is so busy that the party fills the street with sound, music and laughter. If that doesn’t draw you in we don’t know what will! Although small, Sunrise Bar is mighty when it comes to their drinks menu and passion for customers. The friendly little bar is hugely popular with travellers, and a great party place in Ibiza Town.

📌 C. de la Mare de Deu, 44 » | Website »

Best Bars in Ibiza - Minus80Bar

6. Minus80Bar

If you want to discover the hidden gems of the best bars in Ibiza, we highly suggest trying Minus80 Bar. Tucked away in one of the back streets, this bar opens up into a courtyard seating area where you can put your feet up. This family run establishment is warm and welcoming and the drinks menu is constantly updated to keep things fresh.

📌 C. del Passadis, 18 » | Website »

Playa d'en Bossa

Best Bars in Ibiza - Dunes Ibiza

1. Dunes Ibiza

If you’re looking for a bar that will instantly get you in the party spirit, Dunes Ibiza is the place to be on your trip away! This bar is simple yet sophisticated with Mediterranean style interior décor and a huge cocktail list. Order your favourite tipple and easily find a seat in this sizable venue where you can chat and laugh. Dunes Ibiza often has music playing throughout the day and evening and is a hotspot to go before Ibiza events in Playa d’en Bossa.

📌 C. de Pl. d'en Bossa » | Website »

Best Bars in Ibiza - Murphy's Ibiza

2. Murphy’s Ibiza

Murphy’s bar is the essence of old Ibiza, before events like Ushuaia and Antz took over! This stripped back bar keeps things simple with good drinks, great music and plenty of space to dance and express yourself after a couple of espresso martini’s. Alternatively, take a seat at the many high tables, pull up a stool and watch the ladies swing around the poles with style and finesse.

📌 C. de Pl. d'en Bossa 18 » | Website »

Best Bars in Ibiza - The 3rd Half

3. The Ninth Ibiza

Often overlooked, The Ninth is a more relaxed sports bar that’s part of the Hard Rock Hotel in Ibiza. As best bars in Ibiza go, this one is great for any sports fans who want a comfortable, air-conditioned place to chill out. This venue is sleek and clean, there’s a stage, pool tables and several screens for all sporting events. Open until 1am, there’s no need to miss out of the footy when this venue is in Playa d’en Bossa.

📌 C. de Pl. d'en Bossa » | Website »

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