What is a Wedding Breakfast?

What is a Wedding Breakfast?

Ensure your guests’ bellies aren’t rumbling during your big day with a tasty wedding breakfast.

Wedding breakfasts have been a tradition in weddings for an extremely long time. They are a popular part of any wedding, where everyone comes together to celebrate the newlyweds over some delicious food. You should make your wedding breakfast specific to your likes and needs, as no two weddings are the same. Read on to learn about wedding breakfasts and even some dishes to include on your wedding day!

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Ultimate Guide to a Wedding Breakfast!

What is a Wedding Breakfast?

Simply put, a wedding breakfast is a feast given to the newly married couple and all their guests on their wedding day after the ceremony. A wedding day breakfast is equivalent to a wedding reception meal. It doesn’t matter what time it’s held; as long as it’s the first meal after the ceremony, it’s known as the wedding breakfast.

Why is it Called a Wedding Breakfast?

You may or may not know, but the term ‘wedding breakfast’ dates back to the 17th century. Weddings tended to be part of Eucharistic Mass, meaning the bride and groom would have been fasting before the ceremony. So, the first meal they had after their wedding was breaking the fast, hence ‘breakfast, ' and it is the first meal the couple eats together as newlyweds.

When to Serve a Wedding Breakfast?

When to Serve a Wedding Breakfast Timeline

Wedding breakfasts are served after the wedding ceremony is over. So, once you have said your I do’s, you and your guests can get tucked into a feast, which is referred to as the wedding breakfast. People often think of breakfast being something you have in the morning… However, this wedding breakfast doesn’t mean you have to eat breakfast dishes – it just refers to the first thing you eat as newlyweds! So, your wedding breakfast timeslot all depends on what time you have your ceremony.

What Food to Serve for a Wedding Breakfast?

You can serve absolutely anything you like for your wedding breakfast! After all, it’s your wedding, so eat what you want the most! However, of course, you do have to consider your guest's dietary requirements or allergies when sorting out the food for your wedding breakfast. If opting for a caterer, they usually offer a tasting service so you can sample dishes and pick your favourites before the big day. Here are some tasty ideas to get your tastebuds tingling:

A Traditional Three-Course Meal

This option will make your wedding breakfast feel like a fancy restaurant meal! A three-course meal will ensure everyone has a nice amount of high-quality food during your wedding. You can choose to either have a set wedding breakfast menu for your guests or provide them with a wedding breakfast menu with various options for each course.

An Informal Buffet

Let your guests serve themselves during your big day and tuck into as much as they like with an informal serve-yourself buffet. A buffet wedding breakfast means that there will be something for everyone that they want – hot and cold food, various cuisines, vegetarian options, etc. This is a cheaper option than a sit-down meal as fewer staff are required to serve the food!

Food Stalls

The options for food stalls are endless when it comes to a wedding breakfast. You could hire a multitude of vans covering a variety of cuisines and courses. We’re talking about a pizza van serving freshly made pizzas, a hog roast van serving meaty plates, a sweet van serving popcorn, doughnuts, cake, and so on! This option is great for those who have their wedding and breakfast outdoors.

What if I Want a Wedding Morning Breakfast?

Food is the last thing you will probably be thinking about on the morning of your big day. But it is wise to make sure you are fuelled up for the service ahead, especially if you’re feeling a little nervous. The last thing you want is to feel bloated, so here are some quick ideas for a wedding morning breakfast that will keep you energised but cause no bloating

  • Toast with Peanut Butter
  • Scrambled Egg with Avocado and Sweet Potato
  • Oatmeal and Fresh Berries
  • Greek Yogurt with Fruit

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