10 Vegan Restaurants in Chester

Vegan Restaurants in Chester

This ancient Roman city may date back nearly 2000 years, but don’t be fooled! This modern and cosmopolitan city is known for its great restaurants, especially for vegan food...

Whether you’re out and about exploring the city’s wonderful landmarks or browsing the shops, you’re bound to work up quite an appetite! Nowadays, it’s still difficult to find just the right place to eat with the rise of guilt-free diets. That’s why we’ve gone the extra mile and have put together this list of the best vegan restaurants in Chester to save you precious time during your time here!

Friendly Vegan Food Restaurants in Chester

Vegan Restaurants in Chester - Shrub

1. Shrub

It can be hard to come by a fully vegan restaurant that encompasses trule home comforts on the menu - but Shrub has acheived just that! This newly opened restaurant near Chester's cross has become an absolutely hit for meat-eaters, veggies and vegan alike. The fresh venue focuses it's decor around nature and flowers with both indoor seating and an outdoor terrace on the rows. You'll find burgers, vegan calamari and even a hearty Sunday roast on their menu.

📌 1-3 Eastgate Row » | Website »

Vegan Restaurants in Chester - Chef's Table

2. Chef's Table

An award-winning restaurant right in the heart of the city, Chef’s Table Chester is a fantastic independent eatery that has a particular focus on sourcing their ingredients locally. And when it comes to vegan food, they really know how to offer the best! With a dedicated kitchen garden in mid-Cheshire to grow their produce, Chef’s Table provides both vegan lunch and dinner menus for you to enjoy. With a great selection of starters, sides, mains and desserts for both, you can expect plenty of choice here.

📌 7 Pepper St » | Website »

Vegan Restaurants in Chester - Sticky Walnut

3. Sticky Walnut

Situated in Hoole just outside the city centre you’ll find the Sticky Walnut, an award-winning, independent European cuisine restaurant that aims to use the highest quality ingredients it can get its hands on. This establishment has a number of different vegan options on both their lunch and dinner menus, but if you’re planning a visit on a specific date or time you can contact the restaurant directly, as they are known to make meals fresh every day and should be able to sort something out for you!

📌 11 Charles St » | Website »

Vegan Restaurants in Chester - Piccolino

4. Piccolino Chester

A popular city centre prosecco bar and Italian restaurant, Piccolino Chester is another brilliant place to experience some of the best vegan food that this city has to offer. Unlike many restaurants, you’ll find that this place has its own vegan/­vegetarian menu that’s packed full of tasty and exciting pastas, pizzas and salads to browse. Although this restaurant is known to change its menu seasonally, you can expect a brilliant range of menu items when dining here.

📌 33 Pepper Row » | Website »

Vegan Restaurants in Chester - Hypha

5. Hypha

Another impressive establishment that has been awarded the Green Michelin Star - Highlighting Sustainability in 2021 is Hypha. Here they try not to waste anything in the kitchen and they say they use 'every stalk and stem in the most innovative ways and creating a food lovers paradise.' They change up their menu all the time but when they do there is always a dish or two suited to vegetarians and vegans.

📌 5 City Walls » | Website »

Vegan Restaurants in Chester - Pizza Express

6. Pizza Express

This popular chain restaurant has a great range of vegan options to offer diners, and that’s no different at Pizza Express Chester. Located in the city centre just a short walk from the busy Eastgate Street, this restaurant doesn’t fall short when it comes to providing plenty of vegan choices for starters, sides, mains, desserts and even drinks… which can be particularly hard to find in a lot of establishments. If you’re looking to take the family out to dinner, for example, this is a fantastic place to go to suit everybody.

📌 St John St » | Website »

Vegan Restaurants in Chester - Chez Jules

7. Chez Jules

One of Chester’s most popular places to eat, Chez Jules is a French bistro that offers mostly rustic French dishes on its menus whilst offering a selection of vegetarian and vegan options too. Although vegan options are limited, their vegetarian options are worth taking a look at if you’re looking for real authentic French food. Situated on bustling Northgate Street leading into the heart of the city centre, this restaurant maintains a chilled out and relaxed atmosphere inside that acts as the perfect background when getting sat down to enjoy a mouth-watering meal here!

📌 71 Northgate St » | Website »

Vegan Restaurants in Chester - Carluccio's

8. Carluccio's

Found on the city’s historic Bridge Street amongst black and white Tudor buildings is Carluccio’s Chester, a popular and well-loved Italian deli restaurant and bar. Open ‘til late every night of the week, Carluccio’s offers a number of different vegan options on their menu but offers more in the way of vegetarian choices across the board. Known for being a light, modern and spacious place to sit down and enjoy a mouth-watering meal, this is also a great place to sit out in the summer as the restaurant puts out street-side tables and chairs for you to enjoy in the warmer months of the year!

📌 38 Bridge St » | Website »

Vegan Restaurants in Chester - Cote Brasserie

9. Côte Brasserie

Situated just next door to the last entry on this list you’ll find the wonderful Cote Brasserie Chester. An all-day French restaurant that’s well-loved for serving up traditional French cuisine as well as regional favourites from across France. With dedicated menus for both vegan and vegetarian diners, you’ll be offered a wide range of choice across each menu when it comes to picking starters, mains and desserts alike. This is also a great place to head to no matter what time of the day it is, as this restaurant opens early in the morning and doesn’t close until late at night.

📌 36 Bridge St » | Website »

Vegan Restaurants in Chester - Oddfellows

10. Oddfellows

Chester’s coolest hotel bar/restaurant has to be Oddfellows, which is last but definitely not least on this list. Known for its eclectic and stylish décor inside, this 16th century building is the perfect place to get sat down to enjoy a fantastic meal. you’ll find a decent range of vegetarian options on the restaurant’s dedicated menu. Alongside that, there’s also a great deal of delicious vegetarian choices on the main menu too.

📌 20 Lower Bridge St » | Website »

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