Who Am I Game

Who Am I

"Who Am I" is a guessing game that only uses yes or no questions to identify who you have been given

If you have a group of people of mixed ages or you are a group of friends just wanting to have a laugh then this Who am I game will be a classic and one that everyone will enjoy playing. The aim of the game is to simply guess the identity of who has been given to you through questions. The questions will be based on the traits and characteristics of the person you are trying to identify. It’s the perfect group game for any type of group size. In fact it gets funnier the more people who play as it can get confusing.

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Random "Who Am I" Generator

Feeling lucky? Generate a random name from our list of classic "Who Am I" celebrities!

Who Am I?


How to Play “Who Am I”

You will need:

  • Either sticky notes to write your famous person on and stick it to your forehead
  • Or, paper and tape to do the same thing
  • Or, print out images of famous people to stick onto peoples head
  • Or, buy the game headbands and use them for your famous people

Once you have decided what equipment you are using to play the who am I game you can then go onto actually playing the game.

  1. Everyone will receive a sticky note or piece of paper with an image or the name of a famous person.
  2. They will then have to stick it onto their forehead before the game starts.
  3. One by one they will ask yes or no questions to figure out who their famous person is.
  4. They can keep asking questions if they get yes answers, once they have received a no answer to their question they move onto the next person.
  5. This continues until everyone has identified the name of the famous person they were given.

“Who Am I” Game Rules

The rules of the who am I game are pretty simple but make sure you explain them before the game begins:

  • Do NOT look at the name on your forehead
  • Start by asking broad questions
  • Once you have got through the basics then get more specific with your questions
  • When you think you know who you are make sure you say that you are going to state your guess

Example “Who Am I” Game Questions

Am I female/male?

Am I alive/dead?

Am I a singer/­dancer/­actor/­comedian?

Am I on TV?

Have I been in a movie?

Am I old/young?

Am I a real person/­animated/­character?

Am I a presenter?

Am I liked/disliked by the public?

Have I been relevant in the past 10 years?

Watch our Who Am I video here:

“Who Am I” Name Examples

The Queen

Snow White

Elton John

Alan Carr

Johnny Depp

Spongebob Squarepants

David Beckham

Tom Hanks

Margot Robbie

Pepper Pig

Elvis Presley

Andy Murray

Sean Connery


Kate Winslet

Benedict Cumberbatch

Captain America

Ariana Grande


Boris Johnson



Kanye West


Christano Ronaldo

Serena Williams

Priti Patel

George Washington

Rosa Parks

Marie Curie

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