Things to do in Windsor

Things to Do in Windsor

Planning a weekend away to wonderful Windsor and need some things to do?

We have put together some of the best Windsor attractions that you will love no matter what the occasion is. If you are new to Windsor or want to explore all that they have on offer, then these 10 things to do in Windsor are some of the best things you should experience. Have a browse through our list and see what takes your fancy.

Things to do in Windsor - Windsor Castle

1. Windsor Castle

The oldest and the larges occupied castle in the world, Windsor Castle is a pretty impressive sight to see and one that is a must during your visit to Windsor. Queen Elizabeth spends most of her private weekends at this very castle, make sure to check the Royal Standard when you are near the castle, if its flying that’s when you know her majesty’s home. You can enjoy a tour around Windsor castle but make sure you book in advance. Even if you don’t want to do a tour we highly recommend you stay to watch the changing of the guard, now that is an experience.

Things to do in Windsor - Windsor & Eton Brewery

2. Windsor & Eton Brewery

For over 8 years Windsor & Eton Brewery have been making outstanding beers to suit a variety of different people. And the brewery itself hosts different tours that will be perfect if you are into seeing exactly how the beer world works! Whether you are a beer drinker or not it is extremely interesting to see how everything is made. With all the materials, the processes they go through and all the packaging.

Check out some of the best pubs in Windsor that might stock this beer.

Things to do in Windsor - Windsor Great Park

3. Windsor Great Park

Windsor Great Park is the largest green space in Windsor and is a great way to enjoy a day out in the great outdoors. There is so much to see and do whilst you’re in the park. There is a huge Savill Garden, a deer park, ponds and areas of water, meadows and forest for you to walk in and so much more. Even a visitors centre where you can enjoy a coffee and a cake if you wanted. An experience like this can’t be missed when you are in Windsor. Check out some of the fun things to do in Newcastle.

Things to do in Windsor - Visit Eton

4. Visit Eton

Eton is in Berkshire and is the opposite side of the River Thames to Windsor. If you are around the area it is definitely worth a visit. It is connected to Windsor by the Windsor Bridge. There is so much to do in Eton, just head over the footbridge that connects it and explore. There is a lot of history and heritage that comes with Eton too which would be interesting to learn about. Check out the best restaurants in Windsor for in between all the things you'll be doing.

Things to do in Windsor - Royal Windsor Racecourse

5. Royal Windsor Racecourse

What’s a trip to Windsor without going to the races? The Royal Windsor Racecourse is the one of the only two figure-of-eight courses in the country! As well as horse racing there are also other amazing events that they host throughout the year like Oktoberfest, firework displays and more! Check out what could be on whilst you’re in Windsor for the weekend. Why not try one of the best restaurants in Windsor for after a day at the races. 

Things to do in Windsor - Open Top Bus Tour

6. Open Top Bus Tour

There is no better way to experience everything Windsor has to offer than with an open top bus tour. You can either enjoy exploring Windsor and Eton by bus or explore Windsor and then enjoy a Windsor river cruise too. Whatever tickets you decide on you will be able to see a wide range of different thing that are around this historic and Royal town. This bus tour runs from April through to September which is something to note when you are planning your visit.

Things to do in Windsor - Windsor Royal Shopping

7. Go Shopping at Windsor’s Royal Station

No matter where you are if there is a good place to shop it’s got to be done right? And if shopping was always in your weekend plans then head over to Windsor’s Royal Station Shopping Centre. This Grade II listed Victorian railway station is the perfect shopping destination. As well as it being an amazing building to explore you will find a range of different shops and eateries to enjoy. Check out all of the cheap hotels in Windsor for your weekend stay.

Things to do in Windsor - St. George's Chapel

8. St George’s Chapel

If you’ve seen the castle and want something else along those lines to tick of your list, try the St George’s Chapel. Founded in the 1300s by Edward III, this huge chapel is a great bit of architecture that you can’t miss whilst you’re in Windsor. They also have services on throughout the week that is free for all to attend. Check out all of the things to do in Brighton if you are planning on heading even more South.

Things to do in Windsor - Theatre Royal

9. Watch a Show at Theatre Royal

Just down the road from Windsor Castle is the Theatre Royal Windsor. An incredible theatre that has a huge range or performances for its guests to enjoy. Whether you’re after a real drama or a pantomime you will be able to find a show that is perfect for you and your group. Make sure you have a look on their website before you head to the town to make sure you get to see exactly what you want!

Things to do in Windsor - River Thames

10. Cruise Along the River Thames

The River Thames runs through the whole of Windsor and can provide you with some fantastic views from the waters. Book a cruise along the river and see Windsor Castle in a completely different way. It’s the perfect experience if you have never been to Windsor before or have never sailed on the River Thames before. You can also see Eton College, Mill House, Windsor Racecourse and the Brocas Meadows!

Hopefully this list will help you if you are planning some fun group activities or just need some things to do in between your group activities in Windsor!


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